Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox!

Chinese New Year Gift Present Moissanite Pendants


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


February 11th, 2021 marks the Chinese New Year of the Ox. We at Moi Moi wish you a year of health, happiness and prosperity!

The Ox symbolises hard working, grounded and positivity – the meanings can’t be more fitting especially after a turbulent year last year. We wish those special meanings will be manifested in all of us in the coming 12 months!

For our family, the Chinese New Year has always been a time for family togetherness. Eating good food, blessing family members with well-wishing words and sharing laughter as we exchange gifts and red packets.

Moi Moi has handpicked a range of beautiful Moissanite pendants in celebration with you and your family. Running in conjunction with our Valentine’s Day campaign, Moissanite Pendants are currently 25% off for a limited time only! Visit us in store or inquire here for a great gift idea to purchase.


Left to Right:

Siobhan, Blossom 6.0, Vicky 6.5 and Elissa 7.0


May the Year of the Ox bring you lots of joy and luck!

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