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Custom Design

Create a unique engagement ring that perfectly suits your style.
Share your design inspiration with us to create custom made ring.

Alternatively, you can customise an existing Moi Moi engagement ring to make it uniquely yours.

Explore Australia’s largest collection of SUPERNOVA Moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands. With unrivalled brilliance, fire and lustre, Moissanite is the perfect jewel for your everyday ring, designed to bring the sparkle into your daily life.

As an ethical jewel, you can wear your ring with confidence and not worry about the harmful social and environmental impact of mined jewels. 

Why choose a Moissanite engagement ring?

Moissanite is the perfect choice for an engagement ring! SUPERNOVA Moissanite is the most beautiful jewel in the world with more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other jewel. It is a fraction of the cost of a diamond and will never lose its brilliance, meaning your SUPERNOVA Moissanite jewellery will last a lifetime and beyond! As a lab-grown jewel, SUPERNOVA Moissanite is guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free. You can enjoy your jewellery knowing that you have made a smart and socially responsible choice.

Do Moissanite rings last?

Yes! Moissanite is lab-grown from a natural mineral called silicon carbide, so it will never become cloudy, discolour or change its appearance. A SUPERNOVA Moissanite will maintain its brilliance, colour and clarity for a lifetime and beyond, meaning it can be enjoyed forever and will never need to be replaced. SUPERNOVA Moissanite is also extremely durable, measuring a 9.25 on Mohs’ scale of hardness. Thanks to its durability, SUPERNOVA Moissanite is ideal for pieces designed to be worn every day such as engagement rings and wedding bands.

Can’t find your dream engagement ring?

You aren’t alone. It’s not easy to communicate exactly what you want to your jeweller. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We have helped many before you and it is easier than you think. You will receive expert advice and a complimentary on-the-spot quote for your dream custom engagement ring design. We will help you achieve your jewellery goals with Moissanite, the finest jewel in the world that won’t cost the Earth.

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