Top 8 Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

Top 8 Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2021


If you are in the search for an engagement ring, congratulations on planning your next chapter in life with your partner! Having done some research online, you may find an overwhelming number of options available and not quite sure where to begin. We have created a list of top 2021 Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings to help you make the choice that’ll be treasured for a lifetime. Read on to find out what the popular designs are, what makes them on trend for 2021 and why they should matter to your decision making.


1. Altona 1.5ct

Altona Lab-grown diamond engagement ring

Firstly, the Altona ring is a 6-claw solitaire set on a polished knife edge band. The classic design compliments the centre stone and will always have that understated charm that will never date. If your partner appreciates classic yet sophisticated things in life, the Altona Engagement Ring is one to be adorned. The Altona Ring is a Lab Grown Diamond version of our popular Audrey Ring.


2. Balmain Round

Balmain Lab Grown diamond engagement ring

The Balmain Round ring, similar to the Altona ring, but with a classic 4-prong setting that brings focus to the beautiful diamond in the centre. From the side, you’ll notice the intricate basket of the centre stone. The crossover basket topped with diamond accents uplifts the elegance and luxurious look of the overall design. Since the launch of this beautiful design, the Balmain ring has been one of our best sellers!


3. Avalon 1ct

Avalon Lab grown diamond engagement ring

Followed by the Balmain Round Ring, another ring that tops the chart is the Avalon ring. With round brilliant lab grown diamonds being popular in their own right, the halo design of the Avalon ring accentuates the look and size of the centre stone. With fine diamond accents on the band, bridge and an open gallery, the Avalon design is complete to maximise sparkle.


4. Tokyo Round

Tokyo Round pink lab grown diamond engagement ring

At first, the Tokyo Ring may look like a cushion cut ring but it is in fact set with a beautiful round brilliant centre lab grown diamond. In addition, the elegant cushion shaped halo that surrounds and rolls over the centre stone setting has both white and pink accents. The result is a two-toned sophisticated ring that stands out on the rounded polished band. It is suitable for your partner who loves to have the brilliance of a round centre stone but also admires a cushion-shaped looking centrepiece.


5. New York

New York pink and white lab grown diamonds

Set with a beautiful round centre lab grown diamond, the New York Ring takes you by surprise in the details. The design has both white and pink lab grown diamonds beautifully sprinkled on the dainty split band, the basket and the bridge under the centre stone. This intricate design will delight your partner with finer details and the glamour of pink lab grown diamonds!


6. Lydia Oval (Lab-Grown Diamond)

Chiswick Oval lab grown diamond

The Lydia Oval Lab Grown Diamond Ring is a classic 4-prong solitaire design. With its minimalistic look complemented by a thin band, it is one of the most popular designs as we continue to see the oval trend into 2021. The elongated shape of the Oval Lab Grown Diamond offers a flattering, graceful look of the ring. This ring is available in different carat weight from 1 carat approx. $3,960,  please contact us for more details.


7. Tori Oval

As one of our latest designs, the Tori Oval ring is a 4-prong oval cut engagement ring and was inspired by the popular Victoria Oval Ring. Complemented by a half band of lab-grown diamond accents, the shape of the centre stone visually elongates the fingers. Similar to the Lydia Oval, this ring goes beyond to accentuate the oval shape that may reflect your partner’s personality. This ring is available in different carat weight from 1.50 carats approx. $7,450,  please contact us for more details.


8. Casablanca

Casablanca Oval Pink Engagement Ring Lab Grown Diamond

Lastly, the Casablanca Oval Pink ring is truly remarkable and luxurious. On top of the beautiful Oval cut centre stone brings all the beautiful brilliance, the band features a fine 3-row micro-pave setting of lab grown pink diamond accents. This feature is adored by people who love the premium rosy pink accents look. In addition, the Casablanca Pink ring is also available with an Emerald or Round centre stone.


*This is Part II of the Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2021 articles. For Part I of Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2021 featuring Moissanite, please visit here.

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