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Sparkling Beginnings

In 2004, our family embarked on a journey to redefine elegance in jewellery. It all began with a quest for exquisite yet accessible earrings for Lauren’s wedding. That’s when we
stumbled upon the captivating brilliance of Moissanite.

Back then, Moissanite was a hidden gem, unknown yet in Australia, the most brilliant jewel in the world. With a vision, we proudly opened our first store in Sydney’s iconic QVB and introduced Moissanite to Australia. We understood then that lab grown jewels held the promise of transforming the landscape of fine jewellery.

At Moi Moi, we’ve been at the forefront of this revolution, introducing discerning clients like you to the timeless allure of Moissanite.

Discover the future of fine jewellery with us. Experience luxury without compromise at Moi Moi.


An Australian First

As the pioneering force behind the introduction of SUPERNOVA Moissanite and LAVANA Lab Grown Diamonds to Australia, we have set the standard and led the charge in transforming the jewellery landscape. These gems transcend conventional adornments, embodying a commitment to sustainability, ethics, and exquisite beauty. Our jewels have redefined luxury for the future of fine jewellery.

Education has been our cornerstone, illuminating Australia through meticulously crafted masterclasses tailored for jewellery enthusiasts, valuers, and diamond connoisseurs alike. Our journey has been marked by adorning celebrities and earning accolades, each milestone a testament to our unwavering dedication.

At Moi Moi, we have paved the way for the industry, setting new benchmarks and elevating perceptions of luxury with jewels that resonate deeply with the values of our modern world.