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Discover engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery, featuring dazzling SUPERNOVA Moissanite, the finest jewel in the world.


Explore the beauty of 100% premium lab grown diamonds in our engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery collection, with LAVANA Diamonds.

Explore the beauty of 100% premium lab grown diamonds in our engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery collection, with LAVANA Diamonds.

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  • Where do I even start!! Sophie, Oz and the team there at Moi Moi are absolutely unreal. This amazing company has your best interest and really do everything they can to assist you. These people are honest, supportive, kind, patient. I cannot speak highly enough of Moi Moi. They are willing to really take the time to get you to have a really good understanding of what they can provide to you to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for. Thank you, Thank you for everything Moi Moi you are amazing and I will most definitely be back.

    YA Reviews Avatar
    YA Reviews

    Great experience and very happy with the customer service. Thank you to Sophia and Oz for all their advice and help. Love the diamond ring that we purchased!

    Christina Taing Avatar
    Christina Taing

    I had seen a few rings online but wanted to see them in person. Whilst they had a few ready made rings of gold and moissanite, mostly it was samples made out of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. I felt like the samples couldn't really give me a good feel of what the final product would look like, which was my reason for attending in person to begin with. More moissanite/gold rings in store would improve the experience.

    Amanda Fairweather Avatar
    Amanda Fairweather
  • Oz is a really nice and considerate sales person. It is a good shopping experience for me.

    Yansong Ma Avatar
    Yansong Ma

    We found Moi Moi by chance one day when a birthday surprise had to be rescheduled and first met Oz to have a look at my engagement ring for which I knew I wanted a lab grown diamond. Over the course of the year, we ended up going back to Oz to purchase multiple pieces of jewelry for our wedding. Oz has always been so warm, knowledgeable and very patient. Moi Moi is now our jeweler of choice - I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you so much Oz. I couldn't recommend you and your team enough!

    Deepshika Deo Avatar
    Deepshika Deo

    Where to start! Employees all displayed excellent customer service and are always available to answer questions and provide the ultimate service. Myself and my partner have always felt welcome due to the warm hospitality. I have recommended Moi Moi to all my friends and family.

    Rocky Road Avatar
    Rocky Road

New Moi Moi Home Try On

Try on rings in the comfort of your home


You want a smart purchase that gives you quality, service, and value.  We get it and that’s why we are committed to give you the best always – the best in fine jewellery featuring the most beautiful jewel SUPERNOVA Moissanite and LAVANA premium lab-grown diamonds, supported by the best service and the best value. We have introduced some services that make your online purchase stress-free and a rewarding one. This is not just a promise, but it has been our way of doing business since 2004.

Moissanite is the most brilliant jewel in the world. It has more brilliance, fire and lustre than a diamond. Moissanite is ideal for an engagement ring due to its better quality, better value and being better for the environment than a mined diamond.

Quality and value. Moissanite has better optical properties than a mined diamond and yet it is at a fraction of the price of diamond.  Its seductive beauty and exceptional value make Moissanite ideal for engagement ring.

Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in terms of appearance, chemical and optical properties. They display the same fire, scintillation, and brilliance. Premium lab-grown diamonds are graded the same as mined diamonds using the same value factors – the 4 C’s.

You choose lab grown diamond because you are attracted by the environmental and social responsibility reasons of the lab grown diamond. Furthermore, the value is undeniable. You get a bigger look at the same budget or simply save big for the same diamond quality and size.

Moissanite is more beautiful than a diamond, having more brilliance, more fire and lustre than a diamond. Brilliance, fire and lustre define the beauty of a jewel. The more of these qualities the better. Moissanite is the most beautiful jewel in the world. Learn more about Moissanite here.

It is important that you know your ring size as some of the designs are not resizable.

Just let us know if you are not sure about your ring size, we will send you a ring sizer that you can find out the correct size at home. It’s free!

Yes, we do. We make our rings in Australia and we can deliver in 10 days or sooner if you wish. You get instant quotation online once you know your metal type and ring size, width, and thickness of your ring. Shop Now.

We have many FREE services that make your online shopping stress-free. You get exactly what you want and that something we guarantee. For instance, if you don’t know your ring size, we can send you a ring sizer. If you want to try some ring designs, we can send you 3 samples for 7 days to your home with our Home Try On service. We also have Live Help Virtual Consultation to help you with your jewellery needs.

Home Try On is a service so you can see 3 stunning designs, for seven days at your home before you decide. It’s totally free! Many customers have used our Live Help during their Home Try On service to find their perfect rings.