Moi Moi Live Help

Are you looking for a perfect engagement ring online?

Moi Moi Live Help

Moi Moi Live is here to help!

You might have many questions about the company, the product, the design and the services.

Many of these questions are best answered by an actual person and not by a long list of FAQs.

With Moi Moi Live Help you can do just that… you can connect to us by using your phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world!

How it works

Choose from:

  • instant messaging
  • one-way video chat where you can see us but we can’t see you; or
  • if you want a face to face comprehensive consultation you can book a 45 minutes session with our personal jewellery advisor.

And it is absolutely, FREE.

Moi Moi Live Help

Moi Moi Live Help - the perfect way to shop, confidently.

This service is designed with you in mind. It’s easy to use.
You can shop confidently without having any doubts usually associated with online shopping.
The best thing, is that you can do all these from the comfort of your home.

Using your smartphone, tablet or laptop,
just click on the Moi Moi Live Help button and enjoy a brilliant journey.