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Shop Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings in Sydney
You’re sure to find a style that works for you, from timeless solitaire rings and opulent halo designs to art deco-inspired vintage rings, each crafted with Lavana premium lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamond rings are an extremely popular choice for engagements and weddings around the world. They are chemically and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds and offer a more socially and environmentally responsible choice. Lab-grown diamond rings have quickly become a favourite with ethically conscious consumers who are seeking a more sustainable option than mined diamonds. As well as these benefits, they also offer wonderful value. Consumers can easily find a larger, or higher quality lab-grown jewel within their budget when purchasing a lab-grown diamond in place of a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds also come in a range of sizes. If you would like to find your dream engagement ring by the size of the diamond, shop here: 2-carat diamond rings, 3-carat diamond rings and 4-carat diamond rings.

Visit our store in the Sydney QVB to explore the full lab-grown diamonds collection or try the rings on at home with our new home try-on service.
What is a Lab Grown Diamond?
Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds.

They are visually, chemically and physically identical to a mined diamond and display the same fire, scintillation and brilliance.

Premium lab-grown diamonds are graded using the same value factors – the 4 C’s.
How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?
Both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are formed when carbon is placed under immense heat and pressure. The only difference is that one is extracted from the Earth, while the other is grown in a highly controlled environment.

This makes lab grown diamonds an ethically friendly alternative to mined diamonds.
Can You Tell That a Diamond Is Lab Grown?
No. A lab-grown diamond is visually, chemically and physically identical to a mined diamond.

Highly specialised equipment only found in a gemological laboratory can reliably tell a lab-grown diamond from a mined diamond.

The best way to tell that a diamond is lab-grown is to look at its grading certificate which is provided for all premium lab-grown diamonds 0.50 carat and above.
Where Can I Buy a Lab Grown Diamond in Sydney?
At Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, we have the largest collection of lab grown diamond rings in store for you to try on. Our flagship store is in the QVB in the Sydney CBD, open 7 days a week.

From Melbourne? Visit our lab grown diamonds in Melbourne page here.