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Alternatively, you can customise an existing Moi Moi engagement ring to make it uniquely yours.

Celebration rings have become treasured symbols of important life milestones in this tradition. These rings provide a physical representation of memories, whether they are worn to mark important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Explore the meaning and spirit of these priceless mementoes that express love, success, and thankfulness.

What is a celebration ring?

A celebration ring, also known as a stacking ring, often also referred to as an anniversary ring, is a piece of jewelry, typically a ring, given to commemorate a special occasion or milestone in a relationship, such as an anniversary. It serves as a symbol of enduring love and the time spent together. The design often includes diamonds or other gemstones, and it may be worn alongside an engagement ring and wedding band or on another finger.

Which finger do you wear an anniversary ring?

The choice of finger for wearing an anniversary ring often varies based on personal preference and cultural practices. In many Western cultures, it’s common to wear the anniversary ring on the left-hand ring finger, alongside the engagement ring and wedding band. However, some choose to wear it on the right hand to differentiate it from their wedding set. There isn’t a strict rule, and the decision typically rests on the wearer’s comfort and style preferences.

What is the ring for 25 years of marriage?

The 25th wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the silver anniversary. Therefore, a ring or any piece of jewelry given to commemorate 25 years of marriage is often made of silver. However, in modern times, it’s not uncommon for individuals to gift rings with diamonds or other gemstones to symbolize the enduring strength and sparkle of their relationship over a quarter of a century.