Find your size with a Free Ring Sizer

If you are unsure of your ring size, we would be delighted to post you a free ring sizer. It is easy to use and provides an accurate measurement of your ring size.

  1. Follow the easy instructions on the ring sizer to form a ring shape.
  2. Slip on the ring sizer and adjust to give a comfortable fit.
  3. Check that it slips back over the knuckle.

Your ring size will be shown by the arrow on the ring sizer.

Fingers can slightly swell and shrink throughout the day, so we recommend measuring your ring size at different times to find your accurate ring size.

Request your Free Ring Sizer

*Australian customers only

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How do you find out your ring size at home?

If you are in Sydney, we encourage you to come into the shop for an exact fit. Alternatively, visit a local and friendly jeweller and ask if they would size your finger for you. If you are unable to go into a jeweller to check your ring size, then we are delighted to send you a ‘Do-it-yourself’ Ring Sizer Gauge, absolutely free. It is easy to use and very accurate.

How do I get my girlfriend's ring size?

We are experts at estimating sizes whilst keeping your surprise secret!  We can send you a free ring sizer and this can be measured against one of her existing rings, you can send us photos of her hand and if we need to make an adjustment you’ll be happy to know we offer one complimentary ring size in the first 12 months.