Top 10 Moissanite Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

Top 10 Moissanite Engagement Ring Trends of 2021


If you’re thinking about proposing to your special someone, especially when planning a surprise or having very few hints given, you’re bound to run into this engagement ring choice conundrum. Read on to find out what the top 10 Moissanite engagement ring trends and designs are, what makes them on trend for 2021 and why they should matter to your decision-making.


1. Amy 7.5

Amy 7.5-8.0 Round Moissanite Engagement Ring With Tapered Band

Created with a 6-claws and U-prong set band, the ‘Amy’ ring takes a spin on a classic straight band with a half band of accent stones in graduating sizes. This creates a tapered band that draws attention to the beauty of the centre stone. This engagement ring will be a great choice if your partner tends to like refined and exquisite jewellery pieces.


2. Victoria Round 7.5

Victoria Round Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring With 6-Prong Setting On Fine Pave Band

Set with a classic round centre Moissanite stone, the ‘Victoria Round’ ring shares the same design specifications as the ‘Amy’ ring, with the six-claws and U-prong set half band of accent stones. The design has the centre stone setting sitting on top of the straight band. It makes the ring suitable for your partner who appreciates qualities like symmetry and elegant looks. This is a timeless design, that is sure to wow her.


3. Audrey 7.5

Last Chance To Get The Audrey 7.5 14K From Moi Moi

The ‘Audrey’ ring has a plain polished knife edge band complimenting the centre stone and has been a long-time popular engagement ring choice. The classic style solitaire rings will always have that understated charm that will never date and continue to be a great choice into 2021. If your partner appreciates classic yet sophisticated things in life, the ‘Audrey’ ring is one to be adorned.


4. Hazel 7.5

Hazel8.0 Front

Sharing a similar setting with the ‘Audrey’ ring, the ‘Hazel’ ring instead has an elegant rounded plain polished band to allow more focus on the beauty of the centre stone. The classic style resembles the meaning behind solitaire rings – pure and endless love.


5. Mena 7.5

Mena 7.5-8.0 6-Prong Round Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another solitaire ring addition to the list, the ‘Mena’ ring is similar to the ‘Amy’ ring in its tapering feature on the band without the stone accents. Instead, a floral-looking basket with a cathedral setting carries the feature stone. The ‘Mena’ ring is a great choice if you are looking for a solitaire ring with a more feminine, minimal design.


6. Victoria Oval 8×6

Victoria Oval 8X6-9X7 Moissanite Engagement Ring On Thin Encrusted Half Band

The ‘Victoria Oval’ ring was one of the most asked rings in store in 2020 and we see the trend continues in 2021. The elongated oval-shaped centre stone evokes a sense of antique allure, accompanied by the modern thin band look. While round centre stones are classic choices, this design moves beyond to accentuate the oval shape that may reflect your partner’s personality.


7. Ava Oval 9×7

Ava Oval 8X6-9X7 Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring On 3/4 Accented Band

Sharing the same oval-shaped centre stone as the ‘Victoria Oval’ ring, the ‘Ava Oval’ ring elongates the fingers with the added halo around the centre stone. This combination topped with a delicate band with accent stones is a stand-out engagement ring trend for 2021.


8. Felicity 6.5

Felicity 6.5' 1.00 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring With Infinity Shaped Band And 4-Prong Setting.

The design feature of the ‘Felicity’ ring is highlighted by the crossover band. A solitaire ring but with a botanic (the intertwined feature) and lively effect. Its infinity-looking shape band denotes a very special meaning of the love you and your partner celebrate together.


9. Deanne 6.5

Deanne 6.5-7.0 Moissanite Engagement Ring With 4-Prong Setting On Delicate Encrusted Band And Hidden Halo

The ‘Deanne’ ring is a 4-claw setting with a delicate encrusted band, the surprise hidden halo is a delightful addition when viewed at an angle or on the side. The ‘Deanne’ ring is suitable for your partner who loves a delicate ring with an irresistible scintillating effect.

10. Maxine 8.0

Maxine8.0 Front

The ‘Maxine’ ring features a traditional 4-prong setting and not-so-traditional band. The ring design’s key feature of the scalloped setting on the band provides a brilliant and eye-catching band. The ‘Maxine’ ring will be a great choice if your partner is drawn to unique pieces with exceptional sparkle. We love the detailed under-rail with small accent stones.


*This is Part I of the Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2021 articles. Stay tuned for Part II of Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2021 featuring Lab Grown Diamonds.