Brighten up your Lockdown with our Home Try-On Jewellery delivery service from Moi Moi

Right now some parts of Australia are in lockdown… again, ugh!  It can feel like Groundhog Day: boring, stressful and dull. But we’re here for you! With Moi Moi’s home-try-on jewellery delivery service, you can have beautiful pieces delivered straight to your door and try them on in the comfort of your own home. The perfect way to brighten up your day!


It’s so easy to get started with our Home Try-On experience. All you need to do is simply choose up to three of your favourite ring designs from our website and we’ll ship them straight to you. We simply require a secure deposit that is 100% refundable and obligation-free! You can try them on and see how they look and feel on your hand, all without leaving home. 

Select Up To 3 Styles

Some of our clients use this service to try on their favourite styles and see how they look on their hand, some will try different styles of wedding bands and see how they match their engagement ring, and some will even get loose stones sent out to see which size they will choose to design their very own custom made ring.

Home Try On Full Web

If you have any questions and want to talk to someone, we are still working 7 days during lockdown and can set up a video call or virtual consultation with one of our expert sales consultants. We can help answer any questions or maybe you would like to discuss customising a ring or design a full custom-made ring with us.  We can do all of this face-to-face virtually on a video call, or by email, phone or text. Then simply return them for free in the reply paid envelope, and there is no obligation. How easy and fun is that! 

Virtual Appointment

Our Home try-on service can help you to keep shining while we get through this challenging time. 

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