Moissanite VS Diamonds

Guess which one is Moissanite and which one is Diamond.

One costs $80,000 the other costs $1,250.

Have you guessed it right?

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5 Reasons Why Moissanite is Better than Diamonds


Moissanite is becoming one of the most sought after jewels for engagement rings and you may not have even heard about Moissanite until only recently!  Here we are going to cover what Moissanite is and the 5 reasons why Moissanite is a great choice for your special piece of jewellery.

Moissanite might look just like a diamond, but it is not related to diamonds at all.  Moissanite is a completely unique jewel in it’s own right. Just like Blue Topaz can look similar to Aquamarine, they are totally different jewels.  Moissanite is made from the natural mineral Silicon Carbide and Diamonds are made of Carbon.  Natural Moissanite is incredibly rare, so Moissanite today is lab-grown. 

SUPERNOVA Moissanite offered by Moi Moi is the best quality Moissanite available. It is colourless, has VVS clarity and will last forever. Typically a Moissanite jewel will be 90% cheaper than a mined diamond and it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between the two. They even shine brighter than a diamond!  Let’s uncover what makes Moissanite so exciting and appealing.


1. More Beauty

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What makes a jewel beautiful is it’s sparkle. Sparkle can be scientifically measured by how much brilliance (refractive index), fire (dispersion) and lustre (shine) a jewel has.
Moissanite has so much more sparkle than any other jewel, including diamonds!  In fact it has more than 2.5 times the fire of diamond

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2. Last a Lifetime

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SUPERNOVA Moissanite will shine forever just as bright as the day you bought it.  Because it’s made from Silicon Carbide, a natural mineral, it will never change its appearance. Moissanite is also really tough and durable. On the Mohs hardness scale, Moissanite scores 9.25 out of 10, making it harder than Sapphires and Rubies. 

This matters because if you want to wear a ring everyday, like an engagement ring, then you don’t want it to scratch or chip easily. 

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3. Conflict Free & Ethical Choice

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The appeal of Moissanite includes its ethical nature.  Being a lab-grown jewel, means that Moissanite has a guaranteed source of origin.  Moissanite is conflict-free, and unlike blood diamonds that have helped fund civil wars where millions of people have died, you can be confident Moissanite has not contributed to such atrocities. 

If you value making ethical and socially responsible choices, you will be proud to wear Moissanite. 


4. Environmentally Conscious

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Moissanite has not been harvested from mines causing less environmental impact and degradation than mined jewels. Even though Moissanite is made using electricity the carbon footprint from making them is insignificant compared to mining a diamond. 

The major benefit of buying a Moissanite is its guaranteed source of its origin. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Moissanite was created conflict free, in a controlled environment and with little damage caused to the environment.


5. Value

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The icing on the cake is that Moissanite is much more affordable compared to mined diamond of the same size and quality. Moissanite offers incredible value being 90 – 95% less expensive than a diamond, offering immense value. 

With these savings, you can have it all: your dream ring with unsurpassed quality all without breaking the bank.  

These are the top 5 reasons why Moissanite is better than diamond. You really need to see Moissanite in person to believe it. We know you won’t be disappointed. Visit us in Sydney’s QVB flagship store or book your free virtual consultation sessions where you can talk face-to-face with our friendly and professional jewellery experts. 

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