Moissanite The Dream Rock – Today You CAN Have It All

Moissanite The Dream Rock – Today You CAN Have It All

Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion, or just a special gift for no reason at all, you can’t do better than a Moissanite jewellery piece. A gift that includes a 1 to 5 carat stone is a gift that any woman is guaranteed to love. And when that piece is as shockingly affordable as Moissanite, you know you will come to love Moissanite jewellery too.

Today on the blog we’re going to take a look at some of the stunning Moissanite jewellery. From necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets that would make the perfect present (or would be the perfect way to treat yourself if that’s what you have in mind!) The other great benefit of Moissanite is that you can truly afford to have it all. You can buy the woman in your life a full set of Moissanite jewellery that will look amazing worn together. It is going to make a jewellery collection that she’ll love forever.

It’s impossible to choose, but we’ve selected some of our favourite pieces that we think anyone would be thrilled to receive. No matter what type of piece you are looking for, Moissanite makes it possible to get exactly what you want: simple and elegant, or dramatic and one-of-a-kind gifts? The choice is entirely up to you…

‘Camille’ floral cluster earrings


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Is there anything prettier than a delicate flower-shaped earring? The ‘Camille’ earrings have a lot of sparkle with their intricate petals set around a larger central stone. And at 1.56 carats in total, they make a very special gift. They’re perfect for any woman with classic, pretty and feminine style. Beautiful fresh flowers make a lovely birthday present, but the ultimate gift is a pair of Moissanite flower earrings that she can wear forever.

‘Aster’ Bracelet

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A tennis bracelet makes an excellent gift; they look beautiful on any wrist, go with everything and offer that bit of extra sparkle which can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The ‘Aster’ bracelet is an incredible 3.66 total carats Moissanite which means it’s going to add a lot of sparkle to your loved-one’s life, and with its elegant 4-prong design it is also the kind of dainty and ladylike piece that they can wear every single day.

Clover pendant

Clover Moissanite Pendant

Everyone knows that a four-leaf clover brings good luck, so if you are looking for a gift to bring someone special a bit of extra good fortune then this pendant is a perfect choice. The design is modern and elegant with a 6.0mm, 0.78 carat round brilliant Moissanite stone at its centrepiece. It’s the kind of necklace that looks and feels unique, making it a great gift for an independent woman who likes her jewellery to have character and meaning.

Lin Earrings

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Stud earrings might seem like a simple or small detail, but these beautiful and dramatic studs can make a whole outfit. The ‘Lin’ earrings feature a large 7.0mm round Brilliant Moissanite stone (each 1.25 carats) and they will make a real impact. The beauty of these studs is that they are also simple enough to wear in any setting, making them a fantastic present to be worn everyday.

Paige pendant necklace 

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You can’t go past the ‘Paige’ for a glamourous pendant necklace. Everything about this necklace is romantic and feminine, with its pear shape halo setting and 6.0mm, 0.78 carat round Moissanite . It’s an ideal gift for a special anniversary, or any relationship milestone you might be celebrating.

‘Camelia’ Ring 


The real joy of shopping for Moissanite jewellery is that you can afford to spoil someone with a special piece that looks like it costs a fortune. The beautiful ‘Camelia’ flower ring is an excellent option for a gift that will really blow someone away. The ‘Camelia’ is the perfect ring to buy as a gift as it will look gorgeous on anyone. It will pair well with other rings while still standing out on its own. The design features seven 3.0mm round Moissanite stones so it’s a beautifully designed statement ring.

‘Angelina’ Dangling Earrings

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Another classic piece associated with old-world glamour is the beautiful stud dangling earring. The ‘Angelina’ earrings are a truly outstanding gift at 1.28 total carats Moissanite. Dangling earrings always look beautiful with an up-do  for a special occasion so they are an amazing gift for an anniversary, special milestone birthday or for any lady who loves to dress up.

‘Siobhan’ Pendant 

Siobhan Pendant

This ‘Siobhan’ necklace with its twin, dangling Moissanite stones is a piece of jewellery that seems just a little bit magical. The diamond accented bail adds an extra bit of sparkle, while the stunning twin Moissanite stones looking like they are floating in mid-air. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this gorgeous necklace as a gift? Moissanite necklace is the for someone who loves her jewellery to have an extra special, unique quality.

There’s a lot more to Moissanite than you might have thought! 

You’ve probably heard by now that Moissanite makes an ideal choice for an engagement ring. It’s also the perfect stone for any special piece of jewellery you might be looking for. Whenever you’re shopping for a special gift for someone, take a look through our range of Moissanite pieces. You’re bound to find one that catches your eye, and is just right for the special woman in your life.