Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 – Step Cuts

Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 Part IV Step cuts

We continue our discussion of the most popular jewellery trends with today’s look at Step Cuts. There are literally thousands of different types of diamond and gemstone cuts. As they ebb and flow in and out of popularity, there are a few that truly are timeless. Let’s take a brief look at three of the most popular Step Cuts for gemstones, Moissanite and diamonds.

The Emerald Cut 

Did you know that only 3% of the world’s diamonds are Emerald cut? Some 15% of diamond and gemstone sales come from emerald cut rings. Clearly, the timeless appeal of this gorgeous cut doesn’t go unnoticed by brides and grooms around the world.

At Moi Moi, we offer the “Georgia” engagement ring which has an emerald cut Moissanite centre stone. It comes with a 4-prong halo ring with pave set band and an emerald cut centre stone of some 1.91 carats. Diamond accents set off the stone perfectly.

(Images courtesy of www.nbcnews.com)

There’s a few reasons why brides and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale all have embraced emerald cut stones.

1. They make your fingers look more slender

2. The stone looks larger with this cut

3. Their affordability is shocking

Asscher Cut 

Steps are definitely back in full force. They are a vintage style cut that reemerged after Pippa Middleton’s infamous Asscher cut engagement ring made its debut. A centre stone fashioned in the Asscher cut is built on clean-cut lines with extremely flattering symmetry. Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher has larger step facets, sits with a higher crown, and produces more brilliance than the emerald cut.

(Images courtesy of bouquetcatch.com)

Our Beautiful Asscher cut “Pippa” Moissanite engagement ring perfectly reflects the positive aspect of this cut. Moreover, we also have a stunning Asscher cut in our Amelia ring. Even though the Asscher cut only became popular in 1920s, its place in the jewelry market has come back with vengeance. Certainly, our “Pippa” ring is available in several metals including platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Now you can enjoy this vintage style ring with a crystal clear Moissanite centre stone.

Small Baguettes 

Small baguettes are small, elongated diamond stones that are typically rectangular in shape. French word for a long, narrow loaf of bread is where its name came from. While it got its start with costume jewelry, small baguette cuts are the quintessential stones of the step-cut. You can see small baguettes and the emerald cut featured in our EVA 7X5 engagement ring.

Certainly, step cuts have a classic style that are set to make a comeback in 2017.

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