Moissanite: A Debt Free Alternative

Moissanite: A Debt Free Alternative

A Debt Free Alternative

For many modern couples, buying an engagement ring doesn’t just mean looking at diamonds. These days, young, smart and savvy couples are looking for a ring that delivers the same stunning looks and superior quality and yet won’t cost them the earth. If you could have your dream engagement ring, with all the sparkling brilliance of a celebrity scale diamond, without going into debt to buy it, why wouldn’t you?

This is why moissanite has become a hugely popular choice for an alternative engagement stone. Once you start looking at moissanite rings, it’s very easy to see why. The moissanite stone is a rare gemstone, similar in hardness to a diamond and even more brilliant. This means that unlike other alternatives, the moissanite gemstone is the perfect centrepiece for an endlessly beautiful and high-quality engagement ring that will never go out of style.

The other key reason moissanite has become such a popular choice is that it also has one big advantage over a diamond. Despite being incredibly precious, moissanite stones are a much more economical option, coming at a fraction of the cost of a diamond. So, for couples who want a truly impressive engagement ring, but don’t want to compromise on all of their other financial goals and dreams, moissanite is the ultimate alternative.

Extensive collection of  Moissanite rings

For many brides, the real beauty of a moissanite ring is that you can afford to get the cut, style and design you really want, without ever having to worry about your budget. Celebrity style rings, with their large diamonds and intricate designs are easy to replicate in moissanite and the end result can be equally stunning.

Moi Moi has an extensive collection of moissanite rings that will be sure to convert you to this stunning stone. Whether you want a timeless, elegant ring or a statement piece, our selection delivers the perfect, affordable engagement ring. Almost all of our rings are available with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum bands so you can select the look you want, matched to your personal style and taste.

Here we’ve collected a selection of some of our most beautiful moissanite  rings, most of which come from our glamourous Supernova collection to inspire you.


Larger, bolder stones have become the biggest celebrity trend in engagement rings over the past few years. Take inspiration from Natalie Portman, who’s standout vintage ring can’t help but capture your attention. For the bride who likes the idea of a stunning statement piece, the ‘Aria’ from our Supernova collection is a perfect choice. With its centrepiece 10mm round moissanite stone, brilliant halo and adorned bridge the ‘Aria’ is the kind of ring that you’ll want to show off forever. It might look like it costs a fortune, but like all moissanite rings, this dazzling ring is surprisingly affordable.


Emerald cut rings have been a continuous trend in recent years. Fampus celebrities ranging from Beyonce to Amal Clooney opting for this traditional, old-Hollywood style cut. If the emerald cut is your dream engagement ring style, then the ‘Georgia’ ring from our Supernova collection is for you. Featuring a large emerald cut centre stone with halo and a pave band. It includes additional diamond accents, this ring has a classic vintage, antique appeal that you’ll love forever.


It seems like pear shaped stones might be poised to become the next big thing in engagement ring styles. Several celebrities have opted for the beautiful and classic cut. After Margot Robbie revealed her engagement elegant pear shaped stone ring, the demand for similar styles continues to grow. Our ‘Faith’ design from the Supernova collection is a clear example of why this style is making such a big comeback. A sparkling pear shaped moissanite stone is a delicate, ladylike style that also has a unique character.


For a ring that will be sure to wow anyone, you can’t go past the ‘Pippa’ from our Supernova collection.  With its large square central stone, this impressive moissanite ring with its elaborate halo is perfectly on trend. It will never go out of fashion. Inspired by Pippa Middleton’s truly elegant square halo ring, the ‘Pippa’ is an exceptional choice for a modern bride. It’s a unique engagement ring that will make its wearer feel equally special.


The ‘Roma’ is another highly sought after style for couples.  It offers beautiful, larger stone set in a simple, elegant design. This ring is for you if you a fan of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s glamorous engagement ring. It features a Forever Brilliant™ 9mm moissanite stone and a glittering pave set band.

Customise your own

Moi Moi custom moissanite ring is perfect way to achieve the look for you. Our extensive range of loose moissanite stones enable us to create an engagement ring that matches exactly what you want. Our skilled jewellery designers can create an engagement ring is as unique as you are. The joy of using a more affordable moissanite stone is that you won’t have to compromise on the design. You can create a ring as elaborate or as simple as you like.