10 Awesome Marriage Proposals You Couldn’t Say No To

10 Awesome Marriage Proposals You Couldn’t Say No To

In a survey, 53% of all engaged women said they would’ve liked to change something about their proposal. 22% wished for a different location, 20% – a different speech, and 14% would’ve preferred to have different people around.

This means most wedding proposal ideas could use a little work.

We think that’s a shame – especially since there are so many sweet, dreamy, irresistible ways to ask for someone’s hand in marriage out there!

Our customers have shared some amazing stories, including a helicopter proposal and a Vivid light show proposal.

So today, we’ll be sharing some of the best wedding proposals we’ve found out there – including ideas, inspiration and real-life examples.

Let’s start with #1…

1. A Scenic Surprise

If you’re going for a surprise wedding proposal, why not do it somewhere beautiful and scenic?

That’s what Andrew – the young man in this photo – did when he and Magdalena went on a hike. He found the highest rock in the whole park, got down on one knee and proposed. Needless to say, she said yes to the wedding proposal immediately.

2. A Film-Inspired Proposal

Michael and his girlfriend loved Pixar’s “Up” so much that he decided to recreate one of its scenes in one of the cutest wedding proposals ever. He spent weeks market-hopping to find the right furniture and a small fortune on balloons, but it was worth it!

The takeaway is that looking for wedding proposal ideas doesn’t have to be hard; sometimes, knowing which films your partner likes is all the information you need.

3. A Hot-Air Balloon Proposal

Looking to make a unique wedding proposal? Consider doing what Adam did when he proposed to Anna, and popping the question in a hot air balloon!

You can make things even more special wi

th a romantic breakfast, on-location musicians and a great photographer or video crew. The latter is especially important – because hot air balloons make for beautiful wedding proposal videos, as you can see here.

4. Involve the Kids

If you or your partner have children, why not get them involved? You can teach them wedding proposal songs, have them make a wedding proposal speech, or simply have their photograph and help out – as Jordan did in the photo above.

And speaking of musical wedding proposals – here’s another great one…

5. Surprise Her With Musicians & Dancers

In Spring 2012, Roger Taylor hired 100 professional choir performers and 200 dancers to perform a stunning flash-mob rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

Passersby loved the cute wedding proposal – and delighted girlfriend Jeanie looks ecstatic in the video.

You can use this idea – and you don’t need 300 people for it to be awesome!

6. Turn Your Home into the Ultimate Romantic Experience

Wedding proposal ideas at home can be great. Dylan used removable paint to propose to his girlfriend in the image above – but the great thing about being home is that you can use anything: flowers, chocolates, musicians, dancers…

Since a home proposal is guaranteed to be a surprise, everything you do can – and will – add to the delight of your partner.

7. Get Her Favorite Band to Help

Here’s the story behind the photo.

Will’s girlfriend had a favourite new band, whom she’d bought tickets to see. Will asked the musicians if he could propose during the concert, on-stage… And ended up shocking his girlfriend in front of 7,000 people.

Granted, not every band will be cool enough to say “yes” – but if you can pull something like this off, your fiancee will be the envy of everyone she knows for years to come.

8. Get your Friends Involved

In one of our favourite wedding proposals on YouTube, Dave had two friends stretch his proposal behind him and his girlfriend while they were holding a “W” for another project.

When she took the camera 2 minutes later,

she saw the image above… And went crazy with delight! You can wait longer than David did if you want – but a delayed-reaction proposal is a definite winner in our book.

9. For the Pet Loving Couple

Who says a funny wedding proposal can’t be sweet and romantic? This dog’s owner created a lovely hand-written board, then got his do-go to “deliver” it to his partner. The result is a lighthearted, humorous and tender proposal – and a lovely photograph.

10. A Breathtaking View

This couple was out, hiking around Lake Trolltunga for 9 hours, when the young man suddenly pulled out a ring, surprising his girlfriend with a proposal set against the backdrop of a breathtaking view.

The one thing we can’t help but wonder is how long the photographer spent waiting for the couple!

At the end of the day, everyone’s “dream proposal” is different. Someone wants a fairytale Disney wedding proposal – and other people want something more true-to-life and down-to-earth.

An idea that seems crazy to you might be perfect for another person – and vice versa.

What matters most of all is the emotion you give (and receive). You don’t need a wedding proposal planner; it’s your enthusiasm that makes the whole thing special!

That’s why the surest way to make a completely irresistible wedding proposal is by doing everything lovingly – and using the intimate knowledge of your partner that only you have.

So long as you manage to do that, whatever you do will be delightful and surprising!