Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 – Halo Designs

Halo Designs – Engagement Ring Trends of 2017

Next up on our list of gemstone trends for 2017 is the halo design. The Halo trend has been popular for multiple years, but there is no sign of it slowing down this year! Similar to the solitaire design, the halo design is flexible and can be more or less detailed depending on the designer’s preference.

Let’s dive a bit deeper to discover what you as a bride can expect from our new Halo Designs.

Ava Emerald 8X6 Lifestyle Hand Web

 Introduction to Halo Designs 

The Halo design is stunning. In our collection, you can see it in the May 7.5 ring, and the Faith Ring.

May7.5 Lifestyle Hand Web

The May 7.5 ring showcases a single halo ring with a straight band. It is available in gold, white gold, or rose gold. A stunning centre Moissanite stone dazzles in all its glory while small stones surround it for a drop-jawing effect. This is the traditional cut and look for halo designs. A centre stone with smaller diamonds and cushion-shaped cut accents. Interestingly, the halo design is vintage-inspired inspired making the centre stone appear larger.

Faith10X7 Lifestyle Hand 2 Web

The Faith ring is a single halo ring with a U-prong band and stones surrounded by a bridge. The pear-cut Moissanite centre stone is a stunning cut that catches the eye.  What makes this ring a ‘halo’ in design is the surrounding stones. They support that centre pear-cut stone in drawing the eye.

Celebrities Who Wear Them

Some of the celebrities who love Halo Design rings like Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, and Jessica Alba. We have seen each of these lovely ladies wearing halo design rings on more than one occasion.

Certainly, we fully expect halo design rings to continue to draw the attention of brides and grooms in 2017. Moreover, we’re more than happy to provide a plethora of halo-design rings to choose from!

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