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3 Reasons Millennials are Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Date Added: 10/10/2019

We love lab grown jewels and we love sharing these stunning gems with you! Since opening Moi Moi in 2004, the popularity of lab grown jewels has soared as more people find out about their undeniable benefits! We began with Moissanite and added lab-grown emeralds, rubies and sapphires in the following years. Now you have even more choice with the addition of premium lab grown diamonds!

So, what is a lab grown diamond? Lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment that replicates the Earth’s natural process. This makes lab grown diamonds chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds, except they’re a fraction of the cost!

1. Excellent Value
Lab grown white diamonds are typically 50%-70% less than mined diamonds, offering amazing value. You can choose a bigger, higher quality diamond within your budget, or use your savings for your home or honeymoon!

Pink lab grown diamonds offer even bigger savings, costing up to 90% less than mined pink diamonds! Pink diamonds are amongst the most coveted gemstones in the world, but because of their rarity and costly price, not many people are able to enjoy their beauty. Lab grown pink diamonds open the world of pink diamond jewellery! At a much more affordable price, you can have the unique and memorable jewellery designs you love.


2. Exquisite Beauty

Lab grown diamonds share the same optical, chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds. They are visually identical, have an exquisite sparkle and can be enjoyed forever. The added benefit of lab grown diamonds is that they have fewer impurities than mined diamonds. Perfect for your engagement ring!

As lab grown diamonds offer incredible savings, you can buy a whiter diamond with higher clarity within your budget. Why not choose the more beautiful jewel?


3. Socially and Environmentally Superior

Diamond shoppers are becoming very aware of the detrimental effects of diamond mining, demanding total transparency.
Mining has negative environmental effects, including deforestation, soil erosion and the devastation of entire ecosystems. Lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendlier and environmentally sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. Environmentally conscious Millennials are seeking the most ethical option available to them, choosing lab grown diamonds for their engagement rings.
Whilst electricity is used to grow a diamond, its energy consumption is significantly lower than that needed to mine a diamond, helping minimize the environmental footprint of lab grown jewels.

In 2003, the Kimberly Process was established so that only certified ‘conflict-free’ diamonds were purchased. However in the years since, ethically conscious shoppers have argued that the definition of ‘conflict-free’ needs to be broadened. One of the main benefits of choosing a lab grown diamond is the controlled environment ensures you are buying a conflict free. Every lab grown diamond has a guaranteed source of origin.


Technology has evolved so rapidly that lab grown diamonds are now whiter, clearer and purer than ever before. Lab grown diamonds offer better value, are just as beautiful, more eco-friendly and guaranteed conflict-free. Why wouldn’t you choose a lab grown jewel?!

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