Introducing LAVANA

Lab-grown diamonds possess everything we love in a jewel; Stunning beauty, incredible value and ethical beginnings. With Lavana premium lab-grown diamonds, you have even more choices than ever before.

Our founders and sisters Lauren Sommer and Alana Weirick have been pioneers of lab-grown jewels for 15 years. After introducing Moissanite to the Australian jewellery market in 2004, we began regularly adding other lab-grown jewels to our collection, including lab-grown emeralds, sapphires and rubies.  The launch of Lavana Diamonds marks the introduction of a new jewel in our lab-grown collection.

Your search for the perfect lab-grown diamond, will be found at Lavana. You’ll receive the best quality, service and value, it’s been our way of doing business for the last 15 years.

Our family business is built on our family core values – trust, integrity and a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence at all times. We’ll take the time and care to find the perfect lab-grown diamond or lab-grown diamond ring that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Diamond shopping can be intimidating, so we’ve made it easy. Our experts have selected only premium lab-grown diamonds that meet our strict standards, so no matter which design you choose, you can be confident your Lavana premium diamond is amongst the best.

At Lavana, you’ll find an array of exclusive jewellery designs crafted in 18K Gold or Platinum, all designed by our team here is Sydney. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch with us and share you inspiration. We’ll custom design your engagement ring together to suit your specifications and style.

If you’ve ever looked into buying a diamond, you would have heard about the 4C’s: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. These are the four value factors that professionals use to grade, compare and value diamonds. Lavana diamonds are available from an ‘E’ to ‘G’ with a minimum clarity of Si1, making them the perfect choice for engagement rings.

What really sets a Lavana diamond apart is that it goes beyond the 4C’s.

Every Lavana diamond is perfectly cut to attain the coveted ‘Triple Ex’ rating.

  • Excellent (Ideal) in Cut
  • Excellent in Polish
  • Excellent in Symmetry
    The romantic Hearts and Arrows Cut, the ultimate in cutting. To achieve this, a master diamond cutter methodically creates eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows.

The perfect symmetry required for Lavana premium results in ultimate light performance and breathtaking scintillation. It’s what gives Lavana diamonds their signature sparkle.

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The Lavana premium collection also includes pink lab-grown diamonds. Coveted for their romantic colour and mysterious origins, these exquisite jewels bring a unique touch to any design. They look particularly stunning set in rose gold or two-tone settings which highlight their rosy hue.

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