3 Reasons Millennials Are Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

So, what is a Lab grown diamond? Lab grown diamonds, just as the name states, are created in a controlled laboratory environment that replicates the Earth’s natural process. This process makes lab grown diamonds chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds, except they are a fraction of the cost. This is excellent news for those of you shopping for a diamond!

1. Lab Grown Diamonds Offer Excellent Value

The price of mined diamonds has long been artificially inflated, due to a monopoly on the world’s diamond mines. In comparison, a lab grown diamond of the same size and quality offers excellent value! This is great news because it means that you have the freedom to choose a bigger, higher quality diamond within your budget or use your savings for other important things like your home or honeymoon.

Lab grown white diamonds are typically 50%-70% less than mined diamonds, while pink lab grown diamonds are 90% less!

Pink diamonds are amongst the most coveted gemstones in the world, but because of their rarity and costly price, not many people are able to enjoy their beauty. Lab grown pink diamonds open the world of pink diamond jewellery, allowing you to purchase the unique, memorable jewellery pieces you love.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds are Beautiful!

The beauty of lab grown diamonds is identical to mined diamond in all ways, sharing the same optical, chemical and physical properties. Both have an exquisite sparkle; both can be enjoyed forever. Lab grown diamonds even have fewer impurities than mined diamonds, making them a superior purchase for your engagement ring.

With the savings lab grown diamonds offer, you can often buy an even more desirable diamond within your budget! One that is whiter with a higher clarity, for an even more beautiful jewel.

Lavana Lab Grown Diamond Ring

3. Lab grown diamonds are a socially and environmentally superior choice

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the negative environmental, social and economic impacts of diamond mining, demanding greater transparency from the diamond industry. Environmentally conscious Millennials are seeking the most ethical option available to them, choosing lab grown diamonds for their engagement rings.

One of the primary benefits of lab grown diamonds is they are an eco-friendlier and environmentally sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. They do not have detrimental environmental effects caused by mining such as deforestation and soil erosion.

Whilst electricity is used to grow a diamond, its energy consumption is significantly lower than that needed to mine a diamond, helping minimize the environmental footprint of lab grown jewels.

Mined diamonds can pose an ethical dilemma of sorts. The Kimberly Process was established in 2003 to ensure diamonds could be certified as ‘conflict-free’ although in the years since, ethically conscious shoppers have argued that the definition of ‘conflict-free’ needs to be broadened. One of the main benefits of choosing a lab grown diamond is the controlled environment will always ensure you are buying a conflict free stone that has a guaranteed source of origin.

With equal brilliance, fire and beauty at a fraction of the cost, why wouldn’t you opt for a lab grown diamond?

Technology has evolved so rapidly over the past few years that lab grown diamonds which were once quite yellow and included are now bright and beautiful, introducing a genuine alternative to mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are more eco-friendly, guaranteed conflict-free and far more affordable than mined diamonds, why wouldn’t you choose a lab grown diamond?

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Banner Photo by @thebeautifulcollective