How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name?

How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name?

With all the Buzz around the Australian Open right now we thought it was a good time to tell you about how one of the terms in jewellery was created, the tennis bracelet.



The tennis bracelet got the name after Chris Evert a former Grand Slam winning tennis player. She played with a bracelet during a tennis match in the US Open 1987. The bracelet was a very expensive row of individually-set diamonds. In the middle of the match the clasp on the bracelet broke. The referees to stopped the match until Chris Evert’s bracelet was found.
It was such a memorable moment. As a result, this style of bracelets was named the Tennis Bracelet forever more.

A tip from us at Moi Moi is bly better to wear your tennis bracelet watching tennis than athat it is proba

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