8 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

8 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring should be a pleasurable experience. Help prevent it from turning into a stressful nightmare by following the guidelines below:

1. Firstly set a budget that you are comfortable with and perhaps discuss this with your partner.

2. When do you want the ring? Allow enough time for the jeweller to make the ring especially if you want a custom madering.

3. Educate yourself! If you’re buying a diamond then start learning the 4 C’s grading system which determines price; however, don’t stress out analysing the grading figures, just trust your eyes to look for high brilliance in the diamond. Some jewellers offer jewellery appreciation classes, so try to attend for an extra enjoyable experience.

4. Learn about diamond alternatives; there are some stunning alternatives available, such as Moissanite.

5. While at the jewellery store, try as many ring designs to see what suits you. Decide on the shape and quality of the jewel, the style of the setting and the metal type.

6. Find out her ring size if possible. If you’re the woman don’t be shy to tell your partner your ring size! You can get your finger sized at any jeweller or request a ring sizer to be sent to you.

7. Choose a jeweller that is knowledgeable and that you are comfortable with. A good jeweller is there to provide you with professional advice and help you find buys that you wouldn’t find on your own.

8. This is a very exciting time, so enjoy the buying experience!

So tell us Moi Moi’s…have you got any tips to add?