Get The Look: JLo’s Engagement Ring

The world was captivated when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reignited their relationship after 18 years. Their engagement last year further ignited public fascination when Lopez revealed a stunning green mined diamond ring. Let’s explore the details of this extraordinary piece of jewellery that has become the talk of the town.


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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their wedding day.

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Her Engagement with Ben Affleck and THE Ring

According to Vogue UK, Lopez’s engagement ring is an exquisite five-stone design featuring an 8.5-carat fancy-vivid yellowish-green cushion-cut mined diamond at its centre. Flanked by two elongated baguette mined diamonds and complemented by a pair of trapezoid diamonds, this ring is estimated to be worth a staggering US$3.5 million (over A$5.1 million). Green mined diamonds are scarce, with the largest vivid green mined diamond known, the ‘Aurora’, being 5.03 carats.

Lopez’s affinity for green is well-known, and her engagement ring carries profound meaning. In her newsletter, “On The J-Lo,” she expressed that green is her lucky colour and recounted the numerous great moments she has experienced while wearing green. Green diamonds are known for their rarity and depth of colour and hold a special allure. They symbolise luck, prosperity, and tranquillity, further enhancing the significance of this exceptional ring.

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring and wedding day manicure.

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Lopez’s engagement ring is an exquisite and distinctive piece of jewellery that has mesmerised the world. Its vibrant green diamond, craftsmanship and design exemplify luxury and rarity. This ring symbolises the couple’s rekindled love and the unique journey they have embarked on together.

Moi Moi offers exquisite options if you are seeking an engagement ring that captures the essence of Lopez’s remarkable design.

1. Marigold Green

Green Cushion Cut Lab Grown Emerald Trilogy Engagement Ring With Princess Cut Side StonesThe ‘Marigold Green’ trilogy ring showcases a sleek 8.0mm cushion-cut green lab grown emerald as the centre stone. It is accompanied by two princess-cut Moissanite side stones, echoing the trilogy design and vibrant green colour of Lopez’s ring.

2. Meghan 8.5 SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Meghan Markle Cushion Cut Trilogy Engagement RingThe ‘Meghan 8.5’ trilogy ring features a captivating 8.5mm cushion-cut Moissanite centre stone. Flanked by two round-cut Moissanite side stones, this ring offers a similar trilogy style and a stunning cushion cut centre stone to capture attention, just like Lopez’s ring.

3. Aubrey Radiant 10×8 SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Radiant Cut Trilogy Engagement Ring With Trapezoid Side StonesThe ‘Aubrey Radiant’ trilogy ring showcases a 10mmx8mm radiant-cut Moissanite centre stone. Beautifully balanced by two trapezoid-cut Moissanite side stones, this ring mirrors the trilogy concept and provides a centre stone that maximises sparkle reminiscent of Lopez’s ring.

4. Tulip

Tulip Emerald Trilogy With Two Trillion Side Stones On Knife-Edge BandThe ‘Tulip’ trilogy ring boasts an impressive 11mmx9mm emerald-cut lab grown emerald centre stone. Accentuated by two trillion-cut side stones, this ring showcases a striking green centre stone in an emerald-cut, which resembles the allure and elegance of Lopez’s ring.

5. Custom design a lookalike of Jennifer Lopez’s ring

If none of the pre-designed options meets your vision, Moi Moi recommends creating a custom ring. With our assistance, you can find the perfect green-coloured centre stone and customise every detail to ensure your ring perfectly reflects your style and preferences.

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