Introducing Sarah Darby

Introducing Sarah Darby

She was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘12 Australian Fashion Illustrators to Follow’ and has been an official illustrator at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for 2015 and 2016.

Sarah worked in publishing in London and marketing for years. After having her second daughter, she went back to my first love and picked up the pencil she hadn’t touched in 20 years. She studied evening classes in fashion illustration and now illustrates full-time.

Her illustrations are accessible, something that reflects her belief that fashion is for everyone, and we are very excited to collaborate with Sarah on two campaigns, featuring our True Colours collection and Moissanite, Diamond and Wedding Ring collection.

Sarah does incredible Bridal Commissions, so if you want a special gift for your bride-to-be of an illustration of her in her wedding dress to present to her on your wedding day, or if you want a portrait done of the both of you as your special memento, this will be one unique but a gift to cherish forever.

Who are the True Colours women?

Sarah has perfectly captured the essence of our True Colours collection giving each coloured jewel a strong identity.  Which one are you?

Kunzite: A sweetheart! She is gentle, sweet and romantic.

Blue Topaz: The party girl. She is outgoing, bubbly and fun.

Smokey Quartz: The fashionista. This woman is sophisticated, independent and chic.

Amethyst: The artist.  She is glamorous, creative and stylish.

Introducing Sarah Darby

Find out more about Sarah in our ‘5 mins with Sarah Darby’ interview, and look out for our two Instagram competitions where you can WIN a Moi Moi pendant and a matching original illustration from Sarah.


When and how did you begin illustrating?

I loved drawing, I drew all the time until I turned 16 when schoolwork just took too much of my time. I started again when I was in my mid-thirties after we had our two girls.


What did you do before illustrating and how did you turn your passion and hobby into a career?

I worked in PR and marketing. In London I worked as a publisher and in Australia I moved into marketing for Coles supermarkets. I have loved every part of my career and everything I have learnt has led me to where I am now.


What do you love most about what you do?

Gosh, I say “I’m off to work” to my family, but really, how can I call it work? I love it!!! I’m very lucky to have my family and friends support me.

You do a lot of fashion illustrating but also get commissions from brides and grooms. What is the process for that and what is it like?

I love doing bridal commissions. My favourite part of any job is getting to know the customers and finding what makes them special. That allows me to create something personal to them. Process-wise, we just let the bride tell us what they are thinking and then we make recommendations as to how we think the illustration might come together.


What did you like most about illustrating the Moi Moi woman?

It was so much fun! I love imagining the girls and the characters that they might have. And the Moi Moi girls are so fun to work with. They are so lovely.

Introducing Sarah

If someone wants to have them sketched by you, how can they go about it?

I love hearing from people. I’m always happy to have a chat if someone has an idea in mind. Just drop us an email at


You could win an original Sarah Darby Illustration and a gorgeous Moi Moi Fine Jewellery kunzite pendant with a total prize pool of $1,165!  To Enter: go to Instagram @moimoifinejewellery on how to Repost and Win. The winner to be announced on Easter Monday 2017.