Christmas Jewellery Shopping Tips

Christmas Jewellery Shopping Tips


Here comes the most exciting time of the year, and buying fine jewellery is without a doubt a sparkling way to ring in the festivities. After all, fine jewellery is timeless and long-lasting, so it’s a perfect token to mark special moments in your life. Also, we all really need that sparkle especially after everything we’ve done so far this year, don’t you think?  

Shopping for jewellery? You’ve come to the right place to help you with shopping for jewellery this season! Here are our recommendations! 


Consider your budget 

This one may seem like an obvious case, but shopping without a certain budget in mind isn’t always the best idea. You could end up getting caught up in the moment and purchasing something that is really a stretch on your budget. It’s very easy to forget your set budget when you are buying a jewellery gift. Don’t just settle on something for the sake of finishing the shopping process. Take your time and you’ll feel relieved when you know you’ve found the right piece at a price that you are comfortable with. 


Make it ethical

Know where and how your purchased jewellery is made. Modern alternatives like Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds are awesome options if you want jewellery that’s conflict-free. By supporting these options, you know that you are contributing to a sustainable tomorrow. These gems are born in sophisticated laboratories, which means there is absolutely no human or environmental exploitation involved. Lab-Grown Diamonds are physically, optically and chemically the same as natural diamonds. Meanwhile, Moissanite is considered the most beautiful gem in the world–it has more brilliance and fire  than any other jewel, including diamonds. 


We were talking about budgeting earlier and what is awesome about Lab-Grown Diamond and Moissanite options is that they are more affordable than the typical mined diamonds and can give you the opportunity to indulge in beautiful jewellery without  burning a hole in your pocket!


Take it online 

With social distancing rules still strictly implemented all over the world (and for good reason!), you can now easily shop from home.. You can also beat the shopping crowds which helps so much with social distancing in place! But here’s the thing. Jewellery shopping online can be tricky–unlike shopping for the usual bags, shoes and clothes, with jewellery it takes a little more consideration before making that purchase. So how can you do that online? Here at Moi Moi, you can easily shop online with our Live Help feature. This allows our shoppers to make a video or voice call with any of our jewellery representatives to help them decide on the designs, sizes, packaging, customisation, among other things. This personalised way of assistance will make you feel as if you’re literally doing your shopping spree at our physical store. Aside from that, we introduced a 7-day Home Try On service, which makes it possible for you to try on a Moi Moi jewellery design.. We will ship to your address a high grade sample of the item so you can try it on personally and see if you like the actual look and how it looks on your hand.. After 7 days, you can send it back to us. We also give away free ring sizers so the final design is a perfect fit for your fingers! All online purchases in Australia can also enjoy Free shipping with fully insured parcels.  Shopping from home has never been easier!