Moi Moi’s Lab Created Colour Stones – Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds

Moi Moi’s Lab Created Colour Stones: Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds


A World of Colour

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to add a sparkle to the year with Moi Moi’s latest collection of lab-grown colour gems. These stones, inspired by the festive spirit, are not just jewellery but masterpieces of art, symbolising love, passion, and hope. Let’s take a journey through this collection and discover how each piece can transform your holiday season.


The Magic of Lab Grown Gems

Before diving into the dazzling array of colours, let’s take a moment to appreciate the marvel of the technology behind these gems. Lab-grown sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are created through advanced processes that replicate the natural conditions under which these gems form in the earth.

Lab Grown Sapphires: Lab grown sapphires are typically formed using the Verneuil process, where fine alumina powder is melted in a flame, and then crystallised to form a boule, or bulk piece, of sapphire. This method allows precise control over the colour and quality of the sapphire, ensuring each piece’s uniformity and brilliance.

Lab Grown Rubies: Like sapphires, lab grown rubies are created using a similar process, as both gems are corundum minerals. Adding chromium oxide to the process gives rubies their characteristic red colour. The result is a gemstone that mirrors the best qualities of a natural ruby, without environmental and ethical concerns.

Lab Grown Emeralds: The process for creating lab grown emeralds is a bit different, often involving hydrothermal growth. This method mimics the natural geological processes, where mineral-rich water forms crystals over time. The result is stunning emeralds that match the beauty and clarity of their mined counterparts.

This innovative process not only provides a more sustainable and ethical alternative to mined stones but also ensures a level of perfection often unattainable in nature.


Here’s a look at some of the stunning rings in the collection:


The Sapphire Collection: A Symphony In Blue

Diana 11×9 Lab Grown Sapphire

Diana11X9 Blue Front Web

A nod to one of the most beloved rings in history, the ‘Diana’ is the definition of eternal beauty with a stunning oval cut lab grown sapphire centre stone surrounded by a sparkling halo of Moissanite, making it the ring for the people.

Lavender Lab Grown Sapphire

Lavender Blue Lab-Grown Cushion Sapphire Ring In A Floral Petal-Shaped Halo Design And Pave Set Band

The ‘Lavender’ ring’s petal-shaped halo impeccably frames its beautiful cushion cut lab grown sapphire centre stone. It encapsulates all the beauty of fresh flowers immortalised in this stunning piece.

Vivienne Lab Grown Sapphire

Violet Oval Sapphire Halo Ring With Rolling-Edge Halo And Stone-Set Bridge On Prong Set Half Band

A mesmerising halo design, the ‘Vivienne’ ring captures sophisticated glamour. Featuring an oval cut lab grown sapphire in a rolling-edge halo with Moissanite accents to the edge and on the bridge, this ring sparkles from every angle.


The Ruby Collection: Passionate Reds

Faith 10×7 Lab Grown Ruby

Eugenia Red Pear Shaped Ruby Halo Ring On Prong-Set Half Band And Detailed Stone-Set Bridge

A classic Moi Moi design, the ‘Faith’ ring is a popular choice among women who would love a pear cut lab grown ruby centre stone, accentuated with stunning prong-set Moissanite accents on its halo, band and bridge.

Tara Oval 9×7 Lab Grown Ruby

Cassic Red Oval Ruby Trilogy With Pear Cut Side Stone On Tapered Band

With its unique arrangement of jewels, the ‘Tara Oval’ ring showcases an oval cut lab grown ruby flanked by two side-set pear cut Moissanite. The result is a distinct trilogy design that exudes old-world glamour.

Bluebell 10×8 Lab Grown Ruby

Bluebell Ruby Trilogy With Two Trillion Cut Moissanite Side Stone On Plain Band

A classic trilogy featuring a captivating oval cut lab grown ruby with two trillion cut side stones, the ‘Bluebell’ has a timeless appeal that can complement any occasion and take your look from day to night.


The Emerald Collection: Vibrant Green Dreams

Marigold 8.0 Lab Grown Emerald

Marigold Cushion Cut Trilogy With Square Sides Stones Engagement Ring

The ‘Marigold’ ring utilises a unique selection of fancy cut jewels, featuring a stunning cushion cut lab grown emerald accompanied by two princess cut Moissanite side stones to bring an alluring sparkle!

Casablanca Lab Grown Emerald

Casablanca Emerald Ring In Stone-Set 4 Prong On Rolling 3-Row Micro Pave Band

Simply remarkable, the ‘Casablanca Emerald’ ring features a stunning emerald cut lab grown emerald, set atop an exquisite three-row micro pave set band which glistens with sparkle with the slightest movement.

Tulip Lab Grown Emerald

Tulip Emerald Trilogy With Two Trillion Side Stones On Knife-Edge Band

Be the centre of attention with our ‘Tulip’ ring! A breath-taking design featuring an impressive emerald cut lab grown emerald in the finest colour, further accentuated by two sparkling trillion cut side stones, set on a polished knife-edge band.


A Festive Sparkle for Everyone

This holiday season, let Moi Moi’s colour stone collection be your companion. Whether you’re drawn to the serene blues of sapphires, the fiery passion of rubies, or the calming green of emeralds, there’s a piece in this collection for everyone. Each ring tells a story, and now it’s time to make one your own. Visit our online store and find the piece that speaks to you. Let’s add some colourful sparkle to your holidays!