Wedding Trends for 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020

As we check out the trends this year, you’ll notice similar themes: green, natural, Earth-friendly, sustainable. We all live for the excitement of a big celebration, but we’ve got to admit that weddings often do end up with a hefty carbon footprint.

It’s been a long time coming but finally, sustainability is hitting the wedding scene this 2020! ‘Low-Waste Weddings’ are set to be huge for the new decade, according to every bride’s go-to site for inspiration (aka Pinterest). Couples are making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their celebrations have on the planet. They are keeping everything to a minimum, carbon footprint-wise–from the food to the rings, the dress, the gifts, to the flowers.

Behind this initiative is usually a team of planners, designers, caterers and florists who are all influenced to shift the way they work in favour of a more sustainable approach. As more people in the industry begin working this way, we will also see this trend turn into the norm, and we’re all for it!

So here’s your chance to strive to make more ethical and eco-friendly choices, and you never know, you might just inspire other couples to do the same!

Alternative Engagement Rings

Some still the love element of surprise in an engagement, but many are favouring a more practical approach of making sure that both individuals agree with the design of the ring. And not only are couples opting to create their own unique rings, but they’re even doing it together! This collaborative process allows the couple to design something truly unique and reflective of their relationship. Some couples are even opting to do away with a center diamond, replacing the traditional expensive stone with wiser alternatives, like lab-grown diamonds.

Green Like The French Liqueur

Online vintage and craft supplier Etsy has predicted chartreuse as the color of the year for 2020, so you’ll likely also be seeing a lot of this shade inspired by the french Green Chartreuse, the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour. This shade goes well with a more neutral palette, so if you’re staying true to your nature-inspired theme, these colour combinations would be a real feast for the eyes.

Invites Made With Recyclables

Invitation suites printed on recycled paper or use alternative materials like upcycled fabrics, leather, and wood? Yes, please! When looking for a vendor for your invites, pick companies that give back to the environment. You know what they say; even a piece of paper can help save the Earth! Another tip: for the most earth-friendly stationery, print your wedding invitations, programs, and menus on seed paper. Seed paper is a biodegradable material that sprouts into flowers when planted in a pot of soil.

Fruit and Floral Arrangements

Incorporating fruit into floral arrangements is an unexpected way to bring a fresh look to your celebration. It’s like bringing a mid-1500s Dutch painting to life! Seems like a worthy source of inspiration, if you ask us. But the best thing about this? Your guests can eat most of the decor, minimising the wastes by the end of the occasion.

Edible Wedding Favors

Speaking of edibles, tasty gifts are one of the most popular favors and for good reason. Traveling guests will always appreciate a midnight snack and often prefer something sweet over, say, a frame with your wedding date. It’s even better if you source the snacks from local purveyors or the farmer’s market to support the regional economy.

Two-in-One Wedding Dresses

Instead of having more than one dress for the big day, more brides are choosing to go with separates, where the same skirt or trousers is paired with different tops. Alternatively, using cover-ups is an affordable way to change a look while keeping the same base-layer dress. Capes, full-length lace cover-ups and structured jackets will be used to adapt and individualise outfits and save the reveal of the dress in all its glory.

Natural Beauty

This year, it’s all about amplifying the bride’s natural beauty. It’s about giving her that glow from within, rather than covering up supposed flaws or incorporating harsh contouring. You’ll be seeing makeup artists use tint products to create a “barely-there base” for the look. Most soon-to-be-brides are practicing healthier skin habits beginning months before the big day.

What are your favourite wedding trends this 2020? What other trends would you like to make a comeback this year? Let us know in the comments section!