Top 5 Lab Grown Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink Diamonds

One of the latest jewellery trends in Hollywood is celebrities choosing pink diamonds for their engagement rings. Even more recently the emergence of lab-grown pink diamonds that have opened up a new world for jewellery lovers.

Pink Diamonds are admired for their exquisite beauty and unique colour, but just how rare are they? It is believed that several quality pink diamonds can be held in the palm of your hand. Their extreme rarity and alluring beauty make them one of the most desirable and sought-after gemstones in the world.

The formation of all diamonds is something that happens over millions of years, however, it remains unclear what it is exactly that gives pink diamonds their unique hue. While most coloured diamonds owe their colour to impurities such as nitrogen, the colour of pink diamonds remains shrouded in mystery. It is thought that the immense pressure of the earth’s crust moves the diamond closer to the surface. This changes the internal structure of the crystal grain, causing the stone to absorb light and produce its unique pink colouring.

In 2002 Pink Diamonds were propelled into the world when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1 carat Pink Diamond and have since continued to increase in popularity. Despite the high demand for pink diamonds, their supply remains quite low and so their cost is exorbitant. The allure of pink diamonds has always been clear but their rarity has resulted in consumers choosing to utilise these stones as investment pieces. Pink diamonds exude femininity and romance, which is why people choose to express their love with such a unique stone. It is predicted that by the end of 2020, the Argyle mines of Australia will close, ceasing the world’s main supply of pink diamonds. But don’t panic! This is not bad news for those of you looking to possess your very own, as their value is expected to greatly increase as a result.

Lab Grown Pink Diamonds

It can take millions of years for a natural pink diamond to form on the earth. Thanks to the advances of technology there is an alternative to mined pink diamonds. So how are lab grown pink diamonds made? Pink diamonds can now be created in a controlled lab environment using either a process called “High Pressure, High Temperature” (HPHT) or “Chemical Vapour Deposit” (CVD).  This essentially replicates the earth’s natural process. This process allows the pink diamonds to be created at a much faster rate, which not only minimises their carbon footprint but offers you a guaranteed conflict-free diamond. Lab-grown pink diamonds are also identical to their mined counterparts, with the same chemical, optical and physical properties.

Lab-grown pink diamonds have opened up a new world for jewellery lovers. These exquisitely alluring and rare stones that were once reserved for the likes of celebrities can now belong to you. Pink lab-grown diamonds not only possess equal beauty, clarity and colour but offer even bigger savings. Pink lab-grown diamonds cost up to 90% less than mined diamonds, so at the faction of the cost, you could be one of those lucky enough to add one to your collection.

Moi Moi Fine Jewellery specialises in Lab-created jewels and offers a range of stunning Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Engagement Rings. You can now have the unique and memorable jewellery designs you love.

For those of you who love the distinctly unique and romantic look of Pink Diamonds see our 5 favourite Lab-Grown Pink diamond rings below.

The ‘Tokyo Round Pink’ ring raises a brilliant round centre stone framed in an elegant two-toned cushion-shaped halo. A row of pave-set pink lab grown diamonds wrap around the double edge, adding a burst of colour to the piece.

Rome Round Pink

The ‘Rome Round Pink’ ring is an elevated take on the celebrated halo design. Its eye-catching lab grown diamond centre stone is centred on an encrusted split band, while the overflowing halo is underscored by a row of pink lab grown diamonds.

Vienna Round Pink

The ‘Vienna Round Pink’ showcases a round centre stone wrapped in a pave-set halo. Four pink lab grown diamond adorns the halo in a striking North-South arrangement, with two extra pink lab grown diamonds included as bridge accents.

The ‘Venice Pink’ ring features a round lab grown diamond, encompassed by a double halo of pink and white lab grown diamonds. This cluster ring is delicately floral, giving the piece a feminine touch and a subtle vintage feel.

Florence Pink

The ‘Florence Pink’ ring’s round centre stone is accentuated by a sunburst halo of alternating pink and white lab grown diamonds. Complete with an encrusted split band, this sculptural design echoes old-world, Art Deco-style cluster rings.

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Banner Photo by @thebeautifulcollective