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  1. Amy 6.5-7.0
    Amy 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,799.00
  2. Amy Round Moissanite engagement ring with tapered moissanite band
    Amy 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,149.00
  3. Andie Round Moissanite 6-prong engagment ring with channel set moissanite band
    Andie 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,149.00
  4. Cecilia Moissanite engagement ring with random hammer set band
    Cecilia 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,749.00
  5. Cecilia 7.5-8.0
    Cecilia 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,199.00
  6. Cecilia A
    Cecilia A
    Price: $1,099.00
  7. Deanne 6.5 Moissanite round engagement ring with 4-prong setting on delicate encrusted band and hidden halo
    Deanne 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,799.00
  8. Gum Blossom Moissanite engagement ring, round solitaire design with floral setting on plain tapered band
    Gum Blossom 8.0
    Price: $2,299.00
  9. Janet Emerald Moissanite engagement ring with 4-prong basket setting on delicate prong set half band
    Janet Emerald 8x6-9x7
    Price: $2,399.00
  10. Lily 8.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.95 carat round solitaire ring design with intricate floral gallery and plain split band
    Lily 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,199.00
  11. Louisa Cushion Moissanite engagement ring with micro pave double halo and band
    Louisa Cushion 5.0-5.5
    Price: $1,899.00
  12. Louisa Cushion Moissanite engagement ring, double cushion shaped halo on petite prong set half band
    Louisa Cushion 6.0
    Price: $2,249.00
  13. Louisa Oval Moissanite engagement ring with double halo and encrusted band
    Louisa Oval 6x4
    Price: $1,749.00
  14. Louisa Oval Moissanite engagement ring with double halo and encrusted band
    Louisa Oval 7x5
    Price: $2,249.00
  15. Louisa Pear Moissanite engagement ring with 2 row halo and delicate prong set band
    Louisa Pear 6x4-7x5
    Price: $1,799.00
  16. Louisa Pear Moissanite engagement ring, 2-row micro pave halo on thin prong set half band
    Louisa Pear 8x5
    Price: $2,499.00
  17. Louisa Round Moissanite engagement ring, classic Round Brilliant cut with delicate double halo
    Louisa Round 6.5
    Price: $2,249.00
  18. Maxine 6.5 Moissanite engagement ring with 1 carat Round stone on 4-prong setting on prong set band of stones
    Maxine 6.5-7.5
    Price: $2,399.00
  19. Maxine 8.5 Moissanite engagement ring, large round brilliant solitaire design with shared prong set band
    Maxine 8.0-9.0
    Price: $3,099.00
  20. Nadia Round 7.5 1.5 carat Round Moissanite engagement ring with solitaire stone and encrusted hidden halo wraps around claws
    Nadia Round 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,199.00
  21. Nadia Round 9.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 4-prong solitaire design with micro pave hidden halo wrapping around claws.
    Nadia Round 9.0
    Price: $3,149.00
  22. Nora 4 prong solitaire on with stone set prongs
    Nora 7.5
    Price: $1,949.00
  23. Passion 7.5 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.50 carat ring floral ring with encrusted pave set band tapering in to centre stone
    Passion 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,249.00
  24. Passion 8.5 Moissanite engagement ring, 6-prong setting on tapering pave set band and floral designed gallery
    Passion 8.5-9.0
    Price: $2,949.00
  25. Peony 8.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.95 carat solitaire design with flower setting and split shank
    Peony 8.0
    Price: $2,649.00
  26. Sia 6.0 Moissanite engagement ring, princess cut with low setting on channel set band, alternating square and baguette band
    Sia 6.0
    Price: $2,499.00
  27. Sia A Moissanite Wedding Band, Wedding Ring with Channel set square brilliant SUPERNOVA Moissanite
    Sia A
    Price: $1,699.00
  28. Sia B Channel Set Baguette Moissanite wedding ring
    Sia B
    Price: $1,499.00
  29. Sia C Moissanite wedding ring alternating channel set square and baguette
    Sia C
    Price: $1,599.00
  30. Victoria Cushion single stone Moissanite engagement ring celebrity inspired engagement ring
  31. Victoria Emerald Moissanite engagement ring with Emerald cut solitaire on stone set band
  32. Victoria Oval Moissanite engagement ring on thin encrusted half band
    Victoria Oval 8x6-9x7
    Price: $2,249.00
  33. Victoria Round solitaire Moissanite engagement ring with 6-prong setting on fine pave band
    Victoria Round 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,649.00
  34. Victoria Round Moissanite engagement ring, round brilliant cut on petite prong set band
    Victoria Round 8.5-9.0
    Price: $3,199.00
  35. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150.00