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  1. Amy 6.5-7.0
    Amy 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,799.00
  2. Amy Round Moissanite engagement ring with tapered moissanite band
    Amy 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,149.00
  3. Andie Round Moissanite 6-prong engagment ring with channel set moissanite band
    Andie 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,149.00
  4. Cecilia Moissanite engagement ring with random hammer set band
    Cecilia 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,749.00
  5. Cecilia 7.5-8.0
    Cecilia 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,199.00
  6. Deanne 6.5 Moissanite round engagement ring with 4-prong setting on delicate encrusted band and hidden halo
    Deanne 6.5-7.0
    Price: $1,799.00
  7. Gum Blossom Moissanite engagement ring, round solitaire design with floral setting on plain tapered band
    Gum Blossom 8.0
    Price: $2,299.00
  8. Janet Emerald Moissanite engagement ring with 4-prong basket setting on delicate prong set half band
    Janet Emerald 8x6-9x7
    Price: $2,399.00
  9. Lily 8.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.95 carat round solitaire ring design with intricate floral gallery and plain split band
    Lily 8.0
    Price: $2,649.00
  10. Louisa Cushion Moissanite engagement ring with micro pave double halo and band
    Louisa Cushion 5.0-5.5
    Price: $1,899.00
  11. Louisa Cushion Moissanite engagement ring, double cushion shaped halo on petite prong set half band
    Louisa Cushion 6.0
    Price: $2,249.00
  12. Louisa Oval Moissanite engagement ring with double halo and encrusted band
    Louisa Oval 6x4
    Price: $1,749.00
  13. Louisa Oval Moissanite engagement ring with double halo and encrusted band
    Louisa Oval 7x5
    Price: $2,249.00
  14. Louisa Pear Moissanite engagement ring with 2 row halo and delicate prong set band
    Louisa Pear 6x4-7x5
    Price: $1,799.00
  15. Louisa Pear Moissanite engagement ring, 2-row micro pave halo on thin prong set half band
    Louisa Pear 8x5
    Price: $2,499.00
  16. Louisa Round Moissanite engagement ring, classic Round Brilliant cut with delicate double halo
    Louisa Round 6.5
    Price: $2,249.00
  17. Maxine 6.5 Moissanite engagement ring with 1 carat Round stone on 4-prong setting on prong set band of stones
    Maxine 6.5-7.5
    Price: $2,399.00
  18. Maxine 8.5 Moissanite engagement ring, large round brilliant solitaire design with shared prong set band
    Maxine 8.0-9.0
    Price: $3,099.00
  19. Nadia Round 7.5 1.5 carat Round Moissanite engagement ring with solitaire stone and encrusted hidden halo wraps around claws
    Nadia Round 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,199.00
  20. Nadia Round 9.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 4-prong solitaire design with micro pave hidden halo wrapping around claws.
    Nadia Round 9.0
    Price: $3,149.00
  21. Nora 4 prong solitaire on with stone set prongs
    Nora 7.5
    Price: $1,949.00
  22. Passion 7.5 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.50 carat ring floral ring with encrusted pave set band tapering in to centre stone
    Passion 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,249.00
  23. Passion 8.5 Moissanite engagement ring, 6-prong setting on tapering pave set band and floral designed gallery
    Passion 8.5-9.0
    Price: $2,949.00
  24. Peony 8.0 Moissanite engagement ring, 1.95 carat solitaire design with flower setting and split shank
    Peony 8.0
    Price: $2,649.00
  25. Sia 6.0 Moissanite engagement ring, princess cut with low setting on channel set band, alternating square and baguette band
    Sia 6.0
    Price: $2,499.00
  26. Sia A Moissanite Wedding Band, Wedding Ring with Channel set square brilliant SUPERNOVA Moissanite
    Sia A
    Price: $1,699.00
  27. Sia B Channel Set Baguette Moissanite wedding ring
    Sia B
    Price: $1,499.00
  28. Sia C Moissanite wedding ring alternating channel set square and baguette
    Sia C
    Price: $1,599.00
  29. Victoria Cushion single stone Moissanite engagement ring celebrity inspired engagement ring
    Victoria Cushion 7.5
    Price: $2,699.00 $2,159.20
  30. Victoria Emerald Moissanite engagement ring with Emerald cut solitaire on stone set band
    Victoria Emerald 8x6-9x7
    Price: $2,399.00 $1,919.20
  31. Victoria Oval Moissanite engagement ring on thin encrusted half band
    Victoria Oval 8x6-9x7
    Price: $2,249.00 $1,799.20
  32. Victoria Round solitaire Moissanite engagement ring with 6-prong setting on fine pave band
    Victoria Round 7.5-8.0
    Price: $2,649.00 $2,119.20
  33. Victoria Round Moissanite engagement ring, round brilliant cut on petite prong set band
    Victoria Round 8.5-9.0
    Price: $3,199.00 $2,559.20
  34. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150.00