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Building the Basis of a Big Brand

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Knowing what you are really selling and what it means to customers is the key to effective marketing, and clever thinking can go further than big spending, writes Derek Parker.

Creating A Shared Experienc

"We are selling a unique product, and our brand is designed to reflect that," says Alana Chang, director of Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, located in Sydney's Queen Victoria Building.

"We are the exclusive Australian distributor for Moissanite, a mineral made of silicon carbide from which jewels more brilliant than diamond - but less costly - are created. It means much more flexibility in jewellery design, and that people can buy it for themselves as a reward or a pleasure."

Moi Moi has developed a range of innovative marketing techniques, including a membership system and jewellery appreciation evenings to create a community interest in Moissanite, and understanding how it can be used.

Moi Moi is working to establish a store in New Zealand and is planning to expand into other Australian cities, building on the brand and the business model.

"More than 40 per cent of our customers are repeat customers," Chang says. "Our website is also a very important means of telling people what is new in the area. There are currently 7000 people on the database, so that means a pretty solid customer base. We find that people in Sydney will see something on the website, and then come to the store, but there are many outside Sydney who buy directly from the site.

"The Moi Moi brand is about sharing something remarkable and beautiful," Chang says. "That is the connection we are trying to make with our customers."