Discussing Lab Grown Diamonds LIVE on Studio 10

Our LIVE interview at Studio 10 on Lab Grown Diamonds!


Moi Moi On Studio 20 Discussing Lab Grown DiamondsHow do you tell the difference between a Lab Grown Diamond and a mined diamond? Studio 10 invited us to answer this question LIVE and to talk about the benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds.

Lauren With Studio 10 Hosts Discussing Lab Grown DiamondsOur Co-Founder Lauren was interviewed by Tahyna and Tristan McManus about the rising popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds over mined diamonds. They were super lovely! The truth is, a Lab Grown Diamond is a diamond. There is no difference in physicality or optical characteristics, except for the way they are created. Lab Grown Diamonds are amazing and honestly make buying fine jewellery fun again. Our purpose at Moi Moi is to offer premium, ethically made fine jewellery that is accessible to everyone.

Moi Moi On Studio 10 SetWe also brought our lovely sale consultant Leah to model some of our sparking jewellery. She looked gorgeous on TV! A million thanks to Studio 10 for inviting us on – we had so much fun and had an amazing time talking about our love for Lab Grown Diamonds!

Moi Moi At Studio 10 Live Interview

Head to Studio 10’s Twitter and Facebook page to view the entire video and discover other ways you can tell the difference. (Hint… you need jewellery tools!)

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