How to find out your partners ring size for a surprise

How to find out your partners ring size for a surprise?

I have found that this is an issue that generally makes
customers a little bit nervous when they are buying a ring as a surprise for their partner. But rest assured I have a few easy tips for you. To choose the perfect ring size, or at least get very close.

The ring size should be as close as possible, so ideally your partner can wear it straight away and show the ring off. This is the first priority, however if the ring still needs to be resized, it is better to resize it as few sizes as possible.

Surprise Engagement Ring

Here are my top tips on finding out her ring size:

Does your partner wear a ring on the forth finger (either hand) that you can ‘borrow’? If so, you can measure this ring on your own finger and see where it goes down to, then measure that area with our
Do It Yourself ring sizer to get a good idea of the size.

You could take one of your partners existing rings into Moi Moi and we will measure it on a ring stick for you.
Take a full length photo of your partner which also shows your partners hand very well, then email it to us….We are excellent at guessing ring sizes.

Take her into a jewellery store and measure her finger with a ring gauge.
Measure her finger with our DIY ring sizer. Obviously your partner will know that something is coming, but you can still surprise your partner with the ring.

To give our customers peace of mind, in the unlikely chance that a Moi Moi ring does not fit your partner. We do offer a complimentary ring resize within the first year.

I hope these tips can help you in your future surprise ring purchase.

Good luck and all the best,

Patrik Andersson