Do Moissanite Rings Last?

Do Moissanite Rings Last?

Moissanite was first used in fine jewellery in the 1990’s and has since carved out its own place in the jewellery market. Previously, consumers seeking white stones would choose between a diamond, which can retail to up to $5,000 for a one-carat stone or a cubic zirconia which costs around $50 for a one-carat stone. It maintains its appearance forever while a CZ develops a yellow tinge and becomes cloudy with age, just like diamonds. Moissanite has quickly becoming a popular choice for engagement rings. It has become Pinterest’s trending engagement ring terms with a 294% rise in 2018. It’s retailing at roughly $500 for a one-carat stone

Does Moissanite become cloudy?

Natural mineral called silicon carbide is where Moissanite grown from. Therefore, Moissanite will never become cloudy, discolour or change its appearance. A Moissanite will maintain its brilliance, colour and clarity for a lifetime and beyond. It will never need to be replaced. CZ or zirconium oxide is unstable at room temperature and because of its instability, it has a tendency to change its appearance and colour over a short time.  CZ’s cloudiness is irreversible. It is also porous and once it is filled with cosmetics, lotion, perfume or dirt it will become cloudy.It begins losing its brilliance almost immediately, meaning it will need to be replaced with age.


Can Moissanite chip or scratch?

A Moissanite is an extremely durable jewel measuring 9.25 on Mohs’ scale of hardness. It is more durable than other precious gems such as Sapphires and Rubies which come in at 9. It is ideal for pieces designed to be worn everyday such as engagement rings and wedding bands  because of its durability.

Does Moissanite come with a warranty?

No. The only warranty on Moissanite available in the market is a limited warranty against the loss of brilliance and fire for its owner’s lifetime. Any Moissanite, including SUPERNOVA will never lose its brilliance or fire as it has been proven over 20 years. We have decided to provide a Certificate of Authenticity with every SUPERNOVA purchase that is 5.0mm or 0.50ct and above. As a warranty is redundant

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