What you need to know when Planning your Engagement Party

What you need to know when Planning your Engagement Party

Wedding planning is rough, but planning an engagement party can be even more difficult if you have no idea where to start. Luckily, we are here to help. We’ve gathered a few helpful, and realistic, engagement party planning ideas to make the process stress free and fun for you and your family.

Engagement Party Planning Etiquette

Let’s start with etiquette. We can all agree it’s best to not look foolish at your own engagement party, so let’s cover the basics.

Who Hosts It?

Generally, the engagement party is the first major event of the wedding planning process. As such, the bride’s parents typically host the event. Another option is to ask both parents to host the event for you. If neither of those options works for your family, you can always host the event yourself, but be aware of your budget first and foremost.

When Should it Happen? 

Your engagement party should take place within a month or two of your proposal. It is, after all, a party that celebrates your engagement.

Where should you Hold It?

Whether you want to have an elegant affair or a private event, you should choose a location that represents your vision. Planning an engagement party should be about what your guests want, but ultimately it should reflect what works best for you. Restaurants, private clubs, or even your favourite local dive bar can work for a venue.

Whom Should Be Invited?

Modern engagement parties include invites to friends and family who aren’t necessarily invited to the wedding. Coworkers, new friends etc., might all be prime targets that you wouldn’t think to invite to the wedding. Of course, immediate family and friends should also get the invite.

Menu Ideas

Food is another critical element of any successful party. Your engagement party planning shouldn’t overlook your menu. It’s a good idea to start with deciding on the venue first since restaurants and some bars will have food available.

Appetizers are the best option for engagement parties. However, if you are planning a smaller engagement party, a full-course meal might be preferred. For more low-key parties, a potluck option may even work. Keep in mind that catering will get expensive quickly, so if you’re on a limited budget, drinks and finger foods could be the better option.

Alternatively, you could serve up dishes that hold a special meaning to you and your groom, like the first meal you ever shared together, or if you met at a cookout why not cook foods that reflect that special day? Dessert could be anything from cake to ice cream to a varied candy bar station. Get creative, there’s no limit to what you can serve!


Focus on Seeing Friends & Family, Rather Than the Theatre of It

Above all, your engagement party should be about you, your groom-to-be and your family. No number of delicious entrees or toasts can overshadow that fact. Don’t get lost in your engagement party planning. And remember, don’t stress to make it the perfect event. You and your guests should enjoy one another during this special time in your life. And that’s all that truly matters.