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Introducing Lavana Premium Lab-Grown Diamonds at Moi Moi

Date Added: 9/10/2019

Lab-grown diamonds possess everything we love in a jewel; Stunning beauty, incredible value and ethical beginnings.

Moi Moi founders and sisters Lauren Sommer and Alana Weirick have been pioneers of lab-grown jewels for 15 years. After introducing Moissanite to the Australian jewellery market in 2004, we began regularly adding other lab-grown jewels to our collection, including lab-grown emeralds, sapphires and rubies. The launch of Lavana Diamonds marks the addition of a new jewel in our lab-grown collection, offering you more choices than ever before!

Diamonds are graded and compared by 4 value factors, commonly called 'The 4 C's'. These are Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. Lavana lab grown diamonds are of premium quality, perfect for engagement rings. They are available from an 'E' to 'G' colour, with a minimum clarity of Si1.

What sets Lavana premium diamonds apart is that they go beyond the 4C's.

Every Lavana diamond is perfectly cut to attain the coveted ‘Triple Ex’ rating.
- Excellent (Ideal) in Cut
- Excellent in Polish
- Excellent in Symmetry
- The romantic Hearts and Arrows Cut, the ultimate in cutting.
To achieve this, a master diamond cutter methodically creates eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows.

The perfect symmetry required for Lavana premium results in ultimate light performance and breathtaking scintillation. It’s what gives Lavana diamonds their signature sparkle.


Moi Moi Fine Jewellery are the exclusive retail partner of Lavana Lab-Grown Diamonds. @lavanadiamonds
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