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Flashback to one of our favourite celebrity rings - Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Date Added: 31/07/2017

If you’re looking for engagement ring inspiration, it’s hard to go past ex Gossip Girl star Blake Lively’s incredible ring.  
















































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Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are one of the cutest celebrity couples around.  The famous pair, who met while filming the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Green Lantern’ surprised everyone when they had a secret wedding in 2012, after somehow managing to keep their engagement under wraps for months. Blake's engagement ring is one of our favourite celebrity rings to look back on.

Now in 2017, the gorgeous couple’s love story continues. Between acting gigs, red carpet appearances and hanging out with famous friends like Taylor Swift they’ve also managed to find time to have two adorable children, take on new projects and somehow continue to look more in love than ever.

It’s a modern-day romance that it’s hard not be a little envious of, but if there’s one part of their fairy-tale you can bring into your own life it’s Lively’s captivating engagement ring style. 










































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Although she wasn’t able to wear it before their private wedding (to stop the secret getting out!) photos taken after the wedding revealed that Lively’s engagement ring was an absolutely stunning 12-carat oval-cut, light pink diamond ring. It featured 2 bands, one set in pave diamonds and the other plain, both in rose gold.  




















It’s estimated to be valued at around $2 million, and it’s one of the most impressive celebrity engagement rings we’ve ever seen. 

If Lively’s engagement ring looks like the sort of ring you’re dreaming of, we can help you to recreate it yourself. Here are some tips to get Lively's romantic celebrity engagement ring design for your own. 

Rose gold

Lively’s ring has a beautiful rose gold band, and it was reported that for Lively’s wedding she matched her rose gold engagement ring to her wedding gown. The dress had to coordinate rose-gold embroidery. The wedding also featured beautiful bouquets that had rose-gold touches as well. 

Rose gold has become such a popular trend for engagement rings in recent years. It’s a beautiful choice if you, like Lively, appreciate a more antique, or vintage look. It’s also a good way to make your ring a bit special and unique.

Rose gold suits all skin tones, and looks beautiful paired alongside gold and silver jewellery, so it’s very versatile. If rose gold appeals to you, we can easily create a rose gold ring for you that would be the perfect setting for a diamond or Moissanite stone. 

Oval Cut

Blake Lively’s ring has a large oval cut stone as its centrepiece. An oval cut diamond or Moissanite stone is a great shape if you like the look of an antique or vintage style engagement ring. As is the case for Lively’s ring, the oval cut is often set in pave, which adds to that vintage look. 

The oval shape is a modified brilliant cut that will provide a similar brilliance as a round cut diamond or Moissanite. It’s a classic shape that is particularly flattering as unlike other shapes such as a round or square cut, it can actually elongate the look of your fingers and hands. This makes the cut a popular choice. 


It’s no surprise that Lively’s engagement ring is estimated to cost millions. The size and brilliance, not to mention the estimated carats of the diamond are so dramatic that it would have to be worth a fortune. While that price point might be accessible for a couple of movie stars, a similar look is achievable on a much smaller budget if you opt for a Moissanite stone. 

As we’ve discussed previously on the blog, Moissanite is truly a lifesaver for couples who don’t want to blow the budget on their engagement ring but are looking for a ring that is memorable, unique and dramatic.  

If Lively’s ring, with its large oval diamond, is the style your heart is set on, you might be surprised how affordable it could be if you opt for Moissanite instead. Have a look at our range of Moissanite engagement rings, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

We can, of course, make a custom design just for you that will enable you to have a ring very similar to Livelys.


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