All Sparkly in Pink: Our newest Pink Lab Grown Diamond Collection

All Sparkly in Pink: Our new designs from our Pink Lab Grown Diamond Collection


We continue to bring back the sparkle in the most exquisite shade: Pink!

The newest designs from our Pink Lab Grown Diamond Collection have just been rolled out so you can shine this time of the year with a sparkling, feminine look. Prepare to make heads turn with these exclusive pieces designed by our team of experts at Moi Moi that are exquisite, feminine and romantic. 

As with all of our LAVANA Lab Grown Diamonds, these lab-grown pink diamonds undergo a rigorous process towards pure  Pink perfection. They are then paired with our trademark pure white LAVANA Lab Grown Diamonds or SUPERNOVA Moissanite, resulting in stunning pieces that are truly irresistible. What’s more, because these beauties are lab-grown, they are 90% more affordable than their mined pink diamond counterparts. Same physical and chemical properties as the mined ones, and they will not break your budget! 

Here’s a first look at some of the new pieces: 


London Oval 1.50-2.00ct Pink

London Oval Pink Splice Halo Design On Split Shank And Stone Set Bridge

The ‘London Oval Pink’ ring is a contemporary design featuring an oval centre stone adorned by pink lab grown diamonds in a unique spliced halo. The design flows into a knife-edge split shank profile, with a hint of pink sparkle in the gallery.


Lawnton Pink

Ediburgh Pink6.5 Front

The ‘Lawnton Pink’ ring sets a round lab grown diamond centre stone between two scintillating pink lab grown diamonds, exuding a timeless charm with clean, sleek lines to create a modern trilogy design.


Milan Oval 1.50-2.00ct Pink

Milan Oval Pink 4 Prong Ring With Pink Side Stones In Bezel Set And Pave Set Band

The ‘Milan Oval Pink’ ring is a sophisticated take on the classic trilogy. An oval centre stone with pink lab grown diamond side stones set in rose gold bezels. The details extend to a refined pave-set band and a gallery with two pink accents.


Tokyo Round Pink

Tokyo Round Pink 1.50 Carat 2 Tone Rose Gold And White Gold Ring

The ‘Tokyo Round Pink’ ring raises a brilliant round centre stone framed in an elegant two-toned cushion-shaped halo. A row of pave-set pink lab grown diamonds wrap around the double edge, adding a burst of colour to the piece.


Sydney Emerald 2.00-3.00ct Pink

Sydney Emerald Pink 2.00-3.00Ct Ring With A Split Shank Encrusted In Lab Grown Diamond.

The ‘Sydney Emerald Pink’ ring highlights an emerald cut centre stone with two pink lab grown diamonds on either side. The emerald cut gives maximum brilliance to a linear shape, and the encrusted split band uniquely adds extra sparkle.


Displaying the most exquisite and romantic pink hues, our exclusive Pink Lab Grown Diamond release celebrates the mesmerising Power of Pink. Join us as we continue to bring the sparkle back.