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  1. D122 men's black diamond wedding ring
  2. D62 men's black diamond wedding ring
  3. D68 men's black diamond wedding ring
  4. DC102E men's black diamond wedding ring
  5. DC25 men's black diamond wedding ring
  6. DJ103 men's black diamond wedding ring
  7. DJ110 men's black diamond wedding ring
  8. F10 multi-toned wedding band with engraving
  9. F101 multi-tone polished curved band wedding ring
  10. F107 multi-tone polished flat band wedding ring
  11. F11 multi-tone polished curved wedding ring
  12. F111 multi-tone polished and emery wedding band
  13. F112 multi-tone polished and emery flat wedding band
  14. F114 18K White Gold Polished and Emery flat band wedding ring
  15. F114 18K multi tone Polished and Emery flat band wedding ring
  16. F115M multi-tone polished wedding ring with engraving
  17. F117 Multi-toned curved wedding band with milgrain
  18. F132 Multi-toned flat rounded edge wedding band
  19. F136 multi-tone emery beveled edge wedding ring
  20. F137 Multi-tone emery flat band wedding ring
  21. F138 Multi-tone emery curved edge wedding ring
  22. F141 multi-tone polished flat band wedding ring
  23. F149M multi-tone polished wedding ring with engraving
  24. F154M multi-tone polished wedding ring with engraving
  25. F156 multi-tone polished edge wedding ring
  26. F158M multi-tone polished wedding ring with Hammered finish
  27. F16 Multi-toned polished wedding band
  28. F17 Multi-toned wedding band
  29. F180M Multi-toned wedding band
  30. F182 Multi-toned Polish and Emery wedding band
  31. F19 Multi-toned flat wedding band
  32. F199 18K/9K white gold combination wedding band
  33. F200 18K/9K white gold combination wedding band
  34. F202M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  35. F28M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  36. F29 Multi-toned half-round middle grooved wedding band
  37. F30M Multi-toned Patterned wedding band
  38. F31M Multi-toned Patterned wedding band
  39. F37M Multi-toned patterned wedding band with milgrain
  40. F41M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  41. F42M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  42. F43 Multi-toned Polished wedding band
  43. F45M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  44. F49M Multi-toned patterned polished wedding band
  45. F50M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  46. F51 Multi-toned polished wedding band
  47. F58M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  48. F61M Multi-toned Hammered Polished wedding band
  49. F69M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  50. F70M Multi-toned heart patterned wedding band
  51. F72M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  52. F81M Multi-toned weaved wedding band
  53. F84M Multi-toned Emery wedding band
  54. F91 Multi-toned filigree wedding band
  55. F96 Multi-toned flat rounded edge wedding band
  56. F98M Multi-toned patterned wedding band
  57. F99 Multi-toned emery wedding band
  58. FB6 Plain flat bevelled wedding band
  59. FLAT-6 Plain flat wedding band
  60. FLAT YG6 Plain flat wedding band
  61. FLE6 Plain flat rounded edge wedding band
  62. FLEC3 Plain flat rounded edge contour wedding band
  63. FLEC6 Plain flat rounded egde wedding band
  64. FR6 Plain full radius wedding band
  65. FRC6 Plain flat radius contour polished wedding band
  66. FS- Flat stepped edge wedding band
  67. Wedding Ring - FSC6
  68. FT138 TV shaped two toned wedding band
  69. FT17 multi-toned wedding band
  70. G103D 18K/9K white gold combination wedding band
  71. Wedding Ring - G136M
  72. Wedding Ring - G137M
  73. Wedding Ring - G139M
  74. G142 Multi-toned wedding band
  75. G143E multi toned wedding band
  76. Wedding Ring - G152F
  77. Wedding Ring - G153F
  78. Wedding Ring - G40
  79. Wedding Ring - G41M
  80. Wedding Ring - G46
  81. Wedding Ring - G64M
  82. Wedding Ring - GJ126M
  83. Wedding Ring - GJ128
  84. Wedding Ring - GJ141
  85. Wedding Ring - GJ76
  86. Wedding Ring - H2
  87. Wedding Ring - H4
  88. Wedding Ring - H5
  89. Wedding Ring - H7
  90. Wedding Ring - H8
  91. Wedding Ring - HHR
  92. Wedding Ring - HHRC
  93. Wedding Ring - HR
  94. Wedding Ring - HRB
  95. Wedding Ring - HRBC
  96. Wedding Ring - HRD
  97. Wedding Ring - HRDC
  98. Wedding Ring - LHR
  99. Wedding Ring - LHRC
  100. Wedding Ring - LLC
  101. Wedding Ring - LRE
  102. Wedding Ring - LREC
  103. Wedding Ring - P1
  104. Wedding Ring - P130
  105. Wedding Ring - P14
  106. Wedding Ring - P175M Moi Moi Fine Jewellery
  107. Wedding Ring - P2
  108. Wedding Ring - P202
  109. Wedding Ring - P204
  110. Wedding Ring - P209
  111. Wedding Ring - P215
  112. Wedding Ring - P232
  113. Wedding Ring - P245
  114. Wedding Ring - P255
  115. Wedding Ring - P261
  116. Wedding Ring - P262
  117. Wedding Ring - P265
  118. Wedding Ring - P273B
  119. Wedding Ring - P274B
  120. Wedding Ring - P275
  121. Wedding Ring - P278
  122. Wedding Ring - P295
  123. Wedding Ring - P296
  124. Wedding Ring - P299
  125. Wedding Ring - P3
  126. Wedding Ring - P308
  127. Wedding Ring - P313
  128. Wedding Ring - P316B
  129. Wedding Ring - P319B
  130. Wedding Ring - P322
  131. Wedding Ring - P340B
  132. Wedding Ring - P344B
  133. Wedding Ring - P349B
  134. Wedding Ring - P35
  135. Wedding Ring - P392
  136. Wedding Ring - P396
  137. Wedding Ring - P411
  138. Wedding Ring - P414
  139. Wedding Ring - P47
  140. Wedding Ring - P51
  141. Wedding Ring - P73
  142. Wedding Ring - PC217
  143. Wedding Ring - PC347
  144. Wedding Ring - PJ291
  145. Wedding Ring - PJ333B
  146. Wedding Ring - PJ365
  147. Wedding Ring - PJ366
  148. Wedding Ring - PL P300
  149. Wedding Ring - SQ10E
  150. Wedding Ring - SQ5
  151. Wedding Ring - SQ6
  152. Wedding Ring D26
  153. Wedding Ring F-174
  154. Wedding Ring - D113
  155. Wedding Ring - D28
  156. Wedding Ring - D34
  157. Wedding Ring - D40
  158. Wedding Ring - D41
  159. Wedding Ring - D44
  160. Wedding Ring - D45
  161. Wedding Ring - D68
  162. Wedding Ring - D84
  163. Wedding Ring - DC104D
  164. Wedding Ring - DC105D
  165. Wedding Ring - DC115
  166. Wedding Ring - DC25
  167. Wedding Ring - DC33
  168. Wedding Ring - DJ100
  169. Wedding Ring - DJ52
  170. Wedding Ring - DJ53
  171. Wedding Ring - DJ54
  172. Wedding Ring - DJ55B
  173. Wedding Ring - DJ58
  174. Wedding Ring - DJ59
  175. Wedding Ring - DJ60
  176. Wedding Ring - D160F
  177. Wedding Ring - D69B
  178. Wedding Ring - DC107
  179. Titanium Ring - Ti1
  180. Titanium Ring - Ti22B
  181. Titanium Ring - Ti28
  182. Titanium Ring - Ti43B
  183. Titanium Ring - Ti44B
  184. Titanium Ring - Ti8D

Men's Wedding Bands in Sydney

 From simple and classic bands to intricately patterned or engraved wedding rings, all of our men’s wedding ring designs can be customised to your specifications. Explore our vast range of men’s wedding rings online, or try them on in our Sydney flagship store and enjoy instant pricing for your ring.

Consult with our team of jewellery experts for assistance with finding the perfect ring that suits your taste and lifestyle. Learn all you need to know about which metal is right for you, the width of your band and have your ring sized for a perfect fit.

Moi Moi’s Lowest Price Guarantee on all men’s wedding rings, ensures you can also shop with confidence knowing you will receive the best value. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we will beat it by 5%.

Which metal to choose

Your ring can be crafted in your choice of metal to suit your taste and lifestyle. Gold is a classic choice for men’s wedding rings. White gold rings boast a bright, white colour that give them a clean and modern feel. Yellow and rose gold rings have warmer hues for a classic look. Platinum is hypoallergenic making it an excellent choice for grooms with sensitive skin. Titanium is an incredibly tough and lightweight metal making it a popular choice for men’s wedding rings.

How to find your fit

Your ring size can change depending on different weather conditions. In warmer weather, your ring should feel firm with some resistance when you take it off. In cooler weather, your ring should have some movement, but should not feel too loose. To ensure an ideal fit, we recommend visiting us and having your ring size measured. If you’re unable to visit us, let us know. We will post a DIY ring sizer to you, absolutely free!


Types of finishes

Your favourite wedding ring design can be customised with a finish of your choice. A highly polished wedding ring is a classic choice. It’s mirrored finish makes it an elegant and understated addition to every look. If you prefer a design with a little more embellishment, choose from our selection of finishes which includes emery, scotchbright, sandblast, hammer and scratch brush. Rings designed with distinct segments can be crafted with a combination of polished and stylised finishes so you can have the best of both! For something truly special, choose a patterned wedding band. From understated geometric design to intricate hand engravings, you’ll find an assortment of unique, patterned finishes that will set your ring apart.