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The Pear cut diamonds are also known as “teardrop” or “pendeloque” shapes, and this is a shape that was made as a combination or the round and marquise cut diamonds, which means that one of the sides is round, while the other side is pointed so it does resemble the shape of a pear. All in all, the creation of this cut involves cutting of 58 facets on the stone.

Pear cut engagement rings are unique because they can we worn in two different ways according to your preference. It is most common for brides to wear a pear shaped diamond ring with the tapered end, or tip of the stone, pointing away from the hand. Or,  you can also wear your ring with the tip pointing towards yourself. This unique design will instantly have an individual and modern appearance each time you ‘flip it’. It’s entirely up to your personal style and which look you prefer.

Pear shaped diamonds are beautiful in a solitaire engagement ring setting, as this allows you to show off the diamond’s unique shape. They are also stunning surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which amplifies the fire and brilliance of your ring.

Which way should a pear-shaped engagement ring be worn?

This is a heavily debated topic even amongst ring designers, but at the end of the day, there’s no correct way on how you can wear a pear cut engagement ring. You can create a flattering slimming effect if you point the stone towards the tip of your fingers, while others prefer it to point down when looking at their hand. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you.

Are pear shape diamonds cheaper than round diamonds?

Yes, pear shape diamonds can be 10-30% cheaper than the equivalent carat weight in a round cut diamond. They also appear larger than a round cut stone as they have a larger surface area, which makes it a popular economical choice.
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