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About Moi Moi Fine Jewelry 
If you are seeking diamond alternatives that have better quality, better value and are better for the environment, you must visit Moi Moi Fine Jewellery in Sydney.

How It All Began…
Opened in 2004 by sisters Lauren and Alana, our flagship store in Sydney is the original go-to destination for Moissanite in Australia. Moi Moi Fine Jewellery is the central hub for striking Moissanite jewellery and ethical lab-grown diamonds.

Why Moissanite Jewellery?

Moissanite encapsulates everything you could ever want from your engagement ring and so much more. It possesses the same beauty of a diamond but sparkles even brighter. You get a superior jewel that transcends the beauty and durability of much coveted diamonds—and at an affordable price point. Typically you will save 90%  buying a Moissanite over an equivalent mined diamond. As the most beautiful jewel in the world, you won’t find a comparable gemstone or jewel in any diamond store.

Why Lab Grown Diamond?
Lab Grown Diamond offer a better proposition for diamond lovers. Lab Grown Diamonds have the same gemmological properties as diamond but at a fraction of the cost. You will enjoy huge savings! Typically you will save more than 40% to 50% buying a Lab Grown diamond over a mined diamond.

Why Shop at Moi Moi?
Our goal is to help you find and select the perfect piece of jewellery. This is our intention in every thought, word and action, guaranteeing you receive a flawless and timeless engagement or wedding ring you will love wearing.  We have helped brides since 2004 select exquisite gems and jewellery designs that define their tastes, desires and love, and we want to help you too. 

You deserve a jewel that shines as bright as you and we’ll help you find it. For a superb collection of breathtaking Moissanite jewellery and expert jewel and gemstone guidance, we warmly invite you to visit Moi Moi in Sydney CBD's QVB.  

Above, sisters and Managing Directors:
Lauren Chang Sommer and Alana Chang Weirick

See how Mia found her dream ring! 

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