Welcome to Moi Moi

As sisters growing up we always dreamt of starting a business together.

In 2004, we discovered a magnificent and beautiful new jewel called Moissanite. The captivating brilliance of this jewel and the very attractive price point encouraged us to take a leap of faith and start our new business. With the help of our parents Stephen and Mary, we opened our Sydney flagship store Moi Moi Fine Jewellery and pioneered a whole new category of fine jewellery in Australia.

The undeniable value and beauty of Moissanite has made our engagement rings our strongest selling pieces.

If you are a savvy bride who seeks beauty, pride and value as your jewellery goals, we are able to help you to achieve this in every way we can. You will enjoy the entire process of choosing and owning your perfect Moi Moi ring, which you can share with your friends and relatives.

We have crafted many special pieces over the years.  With our cutting edge technology and our design capabilities we take pleasure in designing and crafting any custom design you want.

You will love the Moi Moi experience!

You will get the best advice from us on your engagement and wedding rings.

Above all you will always receive exceptional value and amazing personal service here.

Please drop into our Sydney store or you can simply email us.

Lauren and Alana