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Custom Design

Create a unique engagement ring that perfectly suits your style.
Share your design inspiration with us to create custom made ring.

Alternatively, you can customise an existing Moi Moi engagement ring to make it uniquely yours.

A dress ring is a fantastic option for you if you are looking for a unique way to showcase your sense of style and creativity. It is also an excellent option for you if you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one. As previously said, dress rings are not always made of enormous, striking gemstones; they can also be basic rings like stacking sets or solitaire diamond rings that are perfect for everyday use.

When to wear a dress ring

a dress ring seamlessly shares the sentiment with style, from gleaming diamonds to appealing colours and considering its elaborate design. It is better suited for formal or nighttime gatherings that need you to dress up due to its sophisticated design.

What to look for a dress ring

Consider your comfort when picking the ideal design wear. Contemplate whether the ring is too huge, too hefty, or too tight. Then, match the ring to the occasion and attire, seek spectacular but still wearable dress rings

Dress Rings are worn to emphasise your style, so when you wear them, you must be confident to show off the ring and take advantage of the attention. Wear it on as you mean it! 

Can A Dress Ring Be An Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring and the dress ring are two different types of rings that serve different functions. Dress rings are appropriate for everyday wear or special occasions other than marriage vows exchange or proposals, whereas engagement rings are for marriage proposals and must be a ring designed for a specific event in life.

Though there are no strict guidelines when it comes to engagement ring designs, engagement rings that appear like dress rings and vice versa are popular in the present.

What Finger Do You Wear A Dress Ring

Dress rings are supposed to be worn on the right hand because engagement rings and wedding bands are typically worn on the left hand. Although, such a tradition is no longer strictly adhered to in the present generation.

These rings are commonly seen on both the left and right fingers of women. While the majority of women prefer not to wear them on their left ring finger, which is not exactly unusual.