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Custom Design

Create a unique engagement ring that perfectly suits your style.
Share your design inspiration with us to create custom made ring.

Alternatively, you can customise an existing Moi Moi engagement ring to make it uniquely yours.

Starring a collection of cushion cut engagement rings, which are more elongated than square cut diamonds and are significantly bizarre. Made up of our SUPERNOVA Moissanite or our LAVANA Lab Grown diamonds you will get a shine better than any gemstone. Since centuries, these rings have been a sensation and preferred choice for most brides-to-be. It is also a hybrid diamond cut; the form is delicately square or straight rectangle which all of them feature curved edges. Ideal choice for high-end engagement rings thus can also be used in other fashion items.

Explore our SUPERNOVA Moissanite or our LAVANA Lab Grown Diamonds today.