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  1. Annandale solitaire lab-grown diamond engagement ring with tiffany setting knife edge band
    Annandale 0.50
    Price: $1,130.00
  2. Annandale 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond 6-prong engagement ring design with knife edge band
    Annandale 1.00
    Price: $1,300.00
  3. Avalon Round lab-grown diamond engagement ring with halo, diamond encrusted bridge and open gallery
    Avalon Round 1.00-1.25
    Price: $1,960.00
  4. Avalon Round lab-grown halo diamond engagement ring open gallery and pave band
    Avalon Round 1.50-2.00
    Price: $2,080.00
  5. Balmain Round lab-grown diamond engagement ring with diamond encrusted setting and round brilliant lab grown diamond centre stone
    Balmain Round 1.50-2.00
    Price: $2,160.00
  6. Banksia lab-grown diamond engagement ring with scallop shaped halo
    Price: $2,370.00
  7. Brighton 4-prong V-shaped setting on rounded band
    Brighton 1.25
    Price: $1,520.00
  8. Brighton 1.50 carat lab-grown diamond solitaire ring on 4-prong setting
    Brighton 1.50-2.00
    Price: $1,610.00
  9. Bronte engagement ring 6 prong setting half round band
    Bronte 1.25
    Price: $1,520.00
  10. Bronte Round ethical diamond ring on 6-prong setting
    Bronte 1.50-2.00
    Price: $1,610.00
  11. Cambridge lab-grown diamond engagement ring 1.00 carat round on pave set cathedral setting
    Price: $1,920.00
  12. Cammeray lab-grown diamond engagement ring with 4-prong setting and full diamond encrusted basket on curved triple row split stone set half band
    Price: $2,860.00
  13. Clovelly 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond engagement ring with trellis gallery and pear shaped claws
    Clovelly 1.00-1.25
    Price: $1,110.00
  14. Coogee Round 1.00 round centre and cushion halo
    Coogee Round 1.00
    Price: $1,840.00
  15. Dublin trilogy engagement ring
    Price: $1,620.00
  16. Fairlight Round lab-grown diamond engagement ring with alternating art deco band and cushion shaped halo
    Fairlight Round 1.00
    Price: $1,360.00
  17. Forestville 1.00 carat ring on infinity band
    Price: $1,570.00
  18. Freshwater 4-prong solitaire on plain rounded band
    Freshwater 0.50-0.80
    Price: $1,130.00
  19. Freshwater 1.00 carat lab-grown solitaire engagement ring with 4-prong setting
    Freshwater 1.00
    Price: $1,300.00
  20. Kensington lab-grown diamond engagement ring with 6-prong setting and diamond encrusted basket
    Price: $1,770.00
  21. Lilyfield Round lab-grown diamond engagement ring with double halo design
    Lilyfield Round 1.00
    Price: $2,080.00
  22. Maroubra 1.25 carat lab-grown diamond engagement ring with cathedral setting and swirl gallery
    Maroubra 1.00-1.25
    Price: $1,020.00
  23. Melrose ring encrusted crossover trellis gallery
    Price: $1,490.00
  24. Miranda 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond engagement ring with bezel set swirl gallery
    Price: $1,080.00
  25. Monavale royal crown engagement ring
    Monavale 1.00-1.25
    Price: $1,130.00
  26. Monavale 6 prong solitaire royal crown setting
    Monavale 1.50
    Price: $1,190.00
  27. Newington lab-grown diamond engagement ring with pave encrusted dome shaped halo
    Price: $1,920.00
  28. Normanhurst solitaire crossover gallery encrusted hidden halo
    Normanhurst 1.25-1.50
    Price: $1,240.00
  29. Pyrmont lab-grown diamond engagement ring with entwined 3 row band and 1.50 carat centre stone
    Price: $2,520.00
  30. Roseberry Round encrusted 4-prong setting on pave set band
    Rosebery Round 1.00
    Price: $1,640.00
  31. Rozelle lab-grown diamond engagement ring with Round Brilliant centre stone, halo and 2-row band
    Rozelle 1.00-1.25
    Price: $2,030.00
  32. Rozelle ethical halo diamond engagement ring 2-row pave band
    Rozelle 1.50-2.00
    Price: $2,160.00
  33. Springfield 1.50 carat lab-grown diamond engagement ring with 4-double prongs and twist trellis setting
    Springfield 1.50-2.00
    Price: $1,300.00
  34. Sylvania Round ethically sourced diamond engagement ring in Sydney
  35. Vineyard 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond ring on graduated band with chiniel feature
    Price: $1,690.00
  36. Warrawee Round 6 prong setting on half rounded band
    Warrawee 0.50-0.80
    Price: $1,130.00
  37. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150.00

Introducing Lavana - Premium Lab-Grown Diamonds.

We are excited to partner with LAVANA, to give you the best quality lab grown diamonds at the best price, with our curated collaboration of Lavana Premium Lab Grown Diamonds

Fine jewellery should not cost the Earth. Adding to our extensive collection of ethical Moissanite jewellery, you now have more alternatives to mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are optically, physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds.

They possess all the beauty and brilliance of natural diamonds, with the added bonus of better value, zero mining and a conflict free origin. 

Colourless jewels never go out of style! Explore our collection of timeless jewellery crafted with premium lab grown white diamonds or talk to us about your dream design. Each lab grown diamond is hand selected to perfectly compliment your design and budget.

Pink diamonds are amongst the most coveted jewel in the world because of their exquisite hues. Their colour saturation varies so they’re perfect for adding a subtle touch of colour to your jewellery, or making a vivid and vibrant statement.Discover ethically sourced lab grown pink diamond jewellery.

View lab grown diamonds at our flagship jewellery store located in the QVB in the heart of Sydney, Australia. If you have any further questions on lab grown diamonds, feel free to email us at [email protected] and our team will be at your service.