Diamond Certificates

A diamond certificate is a scientific blueprint of a diamond’s exact qualities. It provides an unbiased expert analysis of a diamond's qualities based on "The 4 C's" of diamond grading: carat, colour, cut and clarity. It also provides the cuts proportions with all the detailed measurements and provides its degree of fluorescence.

There are many diamond laboratories that issue certificates. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the oldest and one of the most trusted worldwide, and in fact they developed the 4 C’s diamond grading system which is universally used today by professionals.

Do I need to have a Certificate when buying a diamond?

It depends. Usually diamonds smaller than 0.30 carats don’t come with a Certificate because there are costs involved for the Certificate and so are deemed not necessary for these sizes. However, for larger diamonds, particularly for your engagement ring, you should ask for a Certificate from a reputable independent certifier.

Why should I have a Certificate when buying a diamond engagement ring?

1.    You will know exactly what quality of diamond you are buying.
2.    It confirms the diamond authenticity.
3.    It helps with an accurate appraisal so it can be insured at the right price.
4.    It helps to identify and prove a diamond is yours in case it is lost or stolen.
5.    It helps if reselling your diamond.
6.    It helps you to compare and buy at a fair price.