Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What is Forever Brilliant®  Moissanite?

Forever Brilliant® is the newest Moissanite available today introduced in June of 2012.  An advanced growing technology allows for whiter rough moissanite that is improved and perfected by Charles and Colvard Forever Brilliant® has improved colour making it a whiter and brighter moissanite gemstone.  Yet it still retains all the outstanding features of incredible brilliance and superior fire and luster.

Q.    Is Charles &Colvard’s proprietary process a HTHP treatment or coating?

No. Forever Brilliant® Moissanite is not treated.  It is cut from whiter and brighter rough moissanite.  Therefore, no treatment or coatings are necessary.  The improved colour is not a coating.  The colour is part of the actual stone and is consistent throughout the body of the stone. 

Q.    Is Forever Brilliant® colour enhanced?

No.  There is no color enhancement or coating used to create Forever Brilliant® Moissanite.  It can withstand extremely high temperature higher to that of a diamond and it can also be boiled in concentrated acids.  These techniques will not harm the stone nor will they cause a change in the stones properties or colour.

Q.    How much whiter is Forever Brilliant® Moissanite to Moissanite?

Moissanite is graded as “near-colorless”.  Moissanite is not diamond and therefore not graded like a diamond.  Forever Brilliant® offers the whitest level of moissanite available today but this is something you have to see for yourself. Please visit our stores, or if you’re unable to view in store we have options for you to compare the jewels yourself. Please contact us for details.

Q.    Does the Forever Brilliant® Moissanite carry a limited lifetime warranty?

Forever Brilliant® Moissanite carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty as all other Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® gemstones for maintaining their optical property of brilliance.

Q.    I’ve heard about other companies that also enhance Moissanite. Are these stones warranted by Charles & Colvard?

Third party alterations or treatments void the Charles & Colvard Limited Lifetime Warranty. There seems to be a lot of false information out on the web with online retailers claiming their enhancement is permanent and the best. Charles & Colvard is the sole source of Moissanite, with the only warranty that matters.

Q.    Does Moi Moi sell Forever Brilliant® Moissanite from Charles & Colvard?

Yes. All our Forever Brilliant® Moissanite are certified by Charles & Colvard, laser inscribed (4mm and up) and guaranteed from Charles &Colvard’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Q.    Is Forever Brilliant® Moissanite better than Classic Moissanite?

Both Moissanite jewels are stunning in their own right. Both display the highest brilliance, superior fire, and unmatched scintillation than any other jewel. Classic Moissanite has been an extremely popular jewel because of these properties and its unsurpassed fire (sparkle & scintillation).  The new Forever Brilliant® Moissanite offers a whiter option and is just another option for fine jewellery.  Either option, Classic Moissanite or Forever Brilliant® Moissanite, both offer undeniable beauty and value.

Q.    I’ve previously bought a Moissanite from Moi Moi, but would like to upgrade to a Forever Brilliant®Moissanite, is this possible?

Please contact us for details.