Top 12 Engagement Rings of the Past 12 years

Date Added: December 1, 2016

Top 12 Engagement Rings of the Past 12 years 


We’re throwing a birthday party, and it’s for ourselves! Moi Moi was launched in December of 2004, so it’s our 12th birthday! 

In celebration of our birthday, we want take a stroll down memory lane. Here’s a look back at the various ring designs of the past 12 years starting with our one carat designs gradually increasing throughout the years to our two and three carat designs. 


 2005: One Carat Solitaire Ring 

In 2005 it all started with our “Audrey” ring. The 6-prong knife edge band, crafted in 18K white gold with a one carat Moissanite is a classic and timeless design. The solitaire ring was immediately popular and continues to be a customer favourite to this day. 



Moimoi ring AUDREY 6.5


2006: One Carat with Side Stones

The following year in 2006, we noticed a shift towards side stones. We launched the stunning “Isabelle” ring which had the classic 6-prong centre setting holding a one carat, but with a half band pave set with gorgeous Moissanite side stones. The classic design added with a bit of bling in this striking ring makes for the perfect engagement ring even today. Side stones took off that year, and so did this ring. 




2007: Wide Bands 

In 2007, wide bands became popular. From customer requests, we developed a gorgeous collection of wide band rings for both men and women. Our most popular was the “Lauren” ring, we named after our very own co-founder of Moi Moi. We still carry a few select styles of wide bands to this day. 


MOIMOI RING Lauren 6.0



2008: Trilogy Rings

In 2008, Trilogy rings came onto the scene and we embraced the trend with open arms. Customers liked the ‘past, present and future’ symbolism of a trilogy ring and our best seller was the “Kiara” ring in white or yellow gold. It made for the perfect engagement or dress ring in 2008. 



2009: Back to Classic Designs 

In 2009, customer’s tastes went back to classic designs. Our “Brynn” engagement ring in white gold had a double four-prong setting with channel set diamonds on either side of the center stone. The round centre stone was a one carat Moissanite while the accent diamonds totaled 0.16tcw. Simple, unique but beautiful, this back to classic design was one of our favourites, and continues to be today. 




2010: Brides Started Opting for Larger Centre Stones 

Brides in 2010 wanted rings that were larger and more striking than ever before. The “Audrey” style ring with a six prong knife edge band, popular back in 2005, was hugely popular again this year but just with a much bigger stone. As our best seller, it featured a 1.50ctRound Moissanite centre stone. Brides who wanted that wow factor really fell in love with this style ring. 




2011: 4-prongs, With Fine Bands Were In!

In 2011, the “Lyla” ring was all the rage. The four-prong ring gave a round ring a squared or cushion cut look, whilst still maintaining the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. The ring came with a fine band that fit well with a more contemporary look. The u-prong set band set off a 1.50ct round brilliant Moissanite stone in the middle. Brides fell in love with the elegant and simplistic look. 




2012: Halo designs Became Popular 

2012 rolled around with threats of the end of the world, but our “Simona” ring made that year much sweeter. The halo style makes a ring look overall larger and this design came with a pave set band and the result was absolutely stunning. Brides were enchanted with the stunning royal look of the ”Simona” ring making it our best seller of 2012. 




2013: Rose Gold and Vintage Everything Was On Trend

In the year after the world was supposed to end, 2013, rose gold and vintage everything started becoming incredibly popular. Ladies who wanted something super unique, something no other bride had, started coming to us for our rose gold rings and jewelry. This is the year the unique “Evangeline” ring, with it’s filigree and milgrain detail, was our most asked about, most tried on, and most sold ring. We loved the trend as much as they did!




2014: Really Large Centre Stones

2014 was the year that ladies supercharged their ring stone size. The gorgeous style coincided with the chunky jewelry trend, as well as brides becoming more confident to wear big stones after seeing it on their favourite celebrity or Kardashian sister. Our “Debbie” ring became our most popular ring this year with a statement 2.65ct centre Moissanite and side tapered baguettes. 



2015: Cushion Cut Halo Design Trend 

Halo’s are still in fashion, this year with the cushion cut halo design. The cushion cut surrounded by a halo of smaller stones creates a soft and elegant design. This striking design certainly dazzled and amazed brides and celebrities around the world. Our customer’s favourite was the “Celeste” ring, with an incredible double halo feature. 





2016: Halo Rings with Fine Bands

This past year has been all about halo rings once again, but with one simple twist—fine bands. Quaint, beautiful and simplistic, our “Adriana” ring has been extremely popular this year and led to many happy brides. 

We can’t wait to see what designs and trends 2017 throws our way, and here’s to many more happy years!



Revamp Your Jewellery for the Holiday Season

Date Added: November 29, 2016

Revamp Your Jewellery for the Holiday Season


At Moi Moi, we absolutely love the holiday season, and we love taking care of our amazing customers. That’s why this Holiday season we’re cooking up something very special for you!

This year we’re offering you a chance to make your jewellery truly sparkle no matter the occasion. Whether you’ve got Christmas parties to attend or are going away on holidays, our special offer is sure to have you singing jingle all the way.



Our Christmas Offer 


For just $25 we will provide Rhodium Plating & Polishing on your Moi Moi jewellery. Make your rings look like they did the moment you brought them home from the jewellery store. All you have to do is visit our store or send in all the items you want polished to us for a full service cleaning. 

Each $25 cleaning service includes: 

- Checking the security of stones
- Checking the setting
- Cleaning dirt, oil and grime away
- Re-polish scratches from the surface
- Rhodium Plating & Polishing for a lustrous finish

We’re offering this amazing service for the low price of $25, typically a $50 service for Moi Moi Rings and $70 for any other jewellery item. This offer is good now until Christmas Eve, so you have to act fast! Bracelets and Men’s rings may incur a higher charge, and we do recommend you allow 1 full business day for a complete and thorough cleaning. 




Why Jewellery Maintenance is Important 


When it comes to your wedding rings and other frequently worn items, dirt and grime can easily get stuck in the setting. Obviously, no one wants to know they are walking around with a dirty ring or necklace full of grime and who knows what else. After all, you’ve spent a pretty penny on your jewellery, you definitely want to take good care of it. 

Besides hygienic reasons, having your ring inspected during your cleaning can also prevent you from losing stones due to worn down or damaged prongs if they need repair. 



Visit the QVB Christmas Tree 


If you decide to come in to the Moi Moi store at QVB, you can visit the absolutely breathtaking QVB Christmas Tree. This sparkling jewel stands some 24 metres and spans three separate floors. In fact, it’s Sydney’s tallest indoor Christmas tree.

Let over 82,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals and 65,000 twinkling lights enchant you and your family while Moi Moi takes care of your jewellery. Walk under the tree and then climb all three floors to the top to experience every inch of the tree. It’s a truly incredible experience you can only get once a year. 

We hope you come and take advantage of this amazing Christmas cleaning special this year, and bring the whole family to take in the sights of the gorgeous QVB Christmas tree. Merry Christmas from Moi Moi!


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Australia's Top Wedding Photographers

Date Added: November 18, 2016

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia

Choosing a photographer is different from the rest of your wedding preparations. 

You can always see the previous work of a caterer, florist or music band. In some cases, you can even experience it first-hand by seeing another event they’re involved in or trying their food. 

But when it comes to finding a wedding photographer, a portfolio only tells you so much about a professional. It doesn’t guarantee the two of you will get along - or that the end result will be true to your vision. 

Unfortunately, there’s no second chance when it comes to wedding pictures. If your photographs come out wrong, they’ll be that way for life - and that’s not how you want to remember your special day. 

Instead, you want to work with someone who understands you; someone who “gets” modern wedding photography; someone who delivers you a set of wedding pictures you can be
proud of for years and decades to come. 

Fortunately for you, some of the best wedding photographers in the world live in Australia - and a few more come here for frequent work visits. 

Below, we’re highlighting who we think are the 10 of the very best studios and freelancer photographers - complete with links to portfolios and customer experiences that show why these professionals made the list. 

- 1 -


 The Beautiful Collective


The motto of The Beautiful Collective is, "every love story is beautiful”. The Sydney wedding photographers behind The Beautiful Collective, Haley and Darren, know how to truly document the love that newlyweds have for each other. Their site’s breathtaking portfolio is filled with many authentic and real life Sydney wedding photos that are documentary and editorial in style. The pictures they capture at weddings also have a film like quality which is both modern and artistic and not only do they shoot Sydney weddings they are also available for Canberra weddings and destination weddings around the world.


(Image courtesy of

- 2 -


 Nicholas Purcell


Nicholas Purcell has been a full-time photographer since 2004. A native Australian, he’s been featured in multiple national and international magazines - including the New York Times. 

But what Nicholas is most passionate about is wedding photography, which his studio specialises in. His forte is the ability to relay a couple’s unique personality with his images.
His photographs are larger-than life, bursting with life and colour - and ranging from subdued to epic emotions depending on the situation. 

(Image courtesy of


3 -


 Free the Bird


Are you looking to tell a romantic story with your wedding pictures? If so, Jai Long - a wedding photographer who left his old job to follow his passion - may be your guy. 

Jay uses his unique understanding of angles and colours to show a couple in love at their best. His images are classy and artful, making for some of the best wedding albums you’ll ever see. 


(Image courtesy of

4 -

Todd Hunter McGraw Photographs 

Did you know that one of the best photographers in the world lives near Brisbane? Todd Hunter McGraw, winner of three QLD Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards
is a special professional who can add real creativity to your snapshots. 

He combines fun with class and style in a way that makes your wedding album something your parents love - but also something that’ll go viral on Tumblr or Instagram in a heartbeat. 

(Image courtesy of from Todd Hunter McGraw Photographs)

- 5 -


Inlighten Photography


Australia-based Inlighten Photography have a uniquely warm and creative tone to their photographs. They make images that young people love while staying true to traditional photographic sensibilities -
and the result is a set of wedding and
bridal photos that’ll have you saying “wow” every time. 

(Image courtesy of

- 6 -


Nicola Lemmon


Trying to find the best wedding photographer in Brisbane? Look no further: Nicola Lemmon is at the top of the mountain when it comes to photography for weddings. Her photographs are tasteful, and have a sunny, loving ambience to them. Her biography says she’s cried more than a few times while doing her job - and once you see her portfolio, you’ll instantly feel the love she brings to her profession. 

(Image courtesy of from Nicola Lemmon Photographs)

- 7 -


Van Middleton


Van Middleton is an amazing wedding photographer in the Sydney area. He shoots in a documentary style that expresses the living, breathing moments that happen
during a wedding with an honesty that’s rare in this field. If you want your images to look how you felt on the day, Van’s your man! 

(Image courtesy of

- 8 -


 Milk and Honey


If you want top-notch wedding photos, consider Milk & Honey photography. This is another husband & wife team with perhaps 2 of the top 10 wedding photographers in Australia -
and if you want the
best wedding photos possible, you owe it to yourself to take a look at their portfolio. With a natural, photo journalistic style, you’ll get true-to-life images that really bring the emotions you felt that day back. 

(Image courtesy of


- 9 - 

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis is widely considered to be one of the best wedding photographers in the world. If you can manage to snag a day or two in his busy schedule, you’ll receive powerful,
wedding pictures of a quality that’s impossible to duplicate. 


(Image courtesy of from Jerry Ghionis)

- 10 -

Sophie Granger Photography

Sophie from Sophie Granger Photography has been shooting for over 15 years and is one of Sydney’s best wedding photographers.  Sophie has a natural gift of being warm,
has loads of fun with her clients and their guests and has a sharp stylish eye.  Sophie will be able to capture your wedding with candid and natural images of the occasion that you will treasure forever.

(Image courtesy of

The great news is that all top 10 wedding photographers work outside their immediate location. That means you can ask the best wedding photographers in the world to come to
Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else you’re thinking of having your wedding! 

But before you do so, we encourage you to look around the web. Like we said earlier, reviews and portfolios are important, but finding the right expert is a matter of feel - and gut instinct. So look around the best wedding photography websites until you see someone who fits - and you won’t regret it! 

Emerald Cut is Available in SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Date Added: November 8, 2016


"Georgia" Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring with diamond accents                                                        "Eva 7x5" Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring

Emerald Cut is Available in SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Moissanite is the most brilliant gem on earth, and now it’s available in Emerald Cut! 

At Moi Moi, we seek out the most gorgeous gemstones on the planet. That’s why we’re proud to announce our recent addition of Emerald cut stones to our SUPERNOVA collection. Named for its brilliance and incredible durability—all at a fraction of the price of diamonds—Moissanite is one of the most highly sought after gems available. 
The precision cut coupled with the absolute perfect brilliance of the Moissanite stone, make for a stunning style that some would argue is even more incredible than a diamond. 

The Emerald cut has origins all the way back in the 13th century when jewellers learned how to cut diamonds into various shapes and patterns. The Emerald cut is highly prized because of its incredible ability to showcase the beauty and brilliance of perfect stones. Diamonds that are flawed or inherently imperfect do not show well in the Emerald cut, and therefore have to be of near perfect clarity to be considered candidates for the cut. 

Moissanite, on the other hand, meets some of the highest clarity standards available. Its brilliance attracts light and captures it there for all to enjoy.
Sparkling, radiant, and rich the Moissanite gem is second to none in beauty or brilliance. 

Another interesting fact about Emerald cuts is its ability to mirror the colour and light that surrounds it. Additionally, this cut is incredibly versatile and can be scaled up or down to reflect individual tastes. 

Despite its popularity, the Emerald cut is not the easiest cut to produce. That’s why we are so excited to reveal it as an option in our Moissanite collection. Discover the brilliance and beauty of Moissanite for yourself by browsing through our latest SUPERNOVA Moissanite collection which features Emerald cut designs. 


"Alexa" Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring

The Cushion Cut

Date Added: October 21, 2016

The Cushion Cut – timeless & elegant.

This week we spotlight the very lovely Cushion cut.

A cushion cut can be either square or rectangular.  It has soft corners, just like a cushion on your couch hence the name.  In the world of diamonds, the square cushion cut is more coveted in the world of diamonds than rectangular cushion.  Forever One and SUPERNOVA Moissanite offer a beautiful square cushion.

The cushion cut was one of the most popular diamond antique cuts which was referred to as the Old Mine Cut.  In the early 2000’s the cushion cut once again rose to prominence, after the release of similar cut by Tiffany & Co called Lucida. 

We at Moi Moi love the Cushion Cut. It has so much brilliance and fire and the shape is very pretty.   The cushion cut has just as much sparkle as the ever popular Round Brilliant cut yet is just a little bit different.  It is a cut which is flattering to most hands.  It’s no surprise that brides today are attracted to the cushion cut for its timeless elegance and brilliance - perfect for an engagement ring!

View the range online or come and try on one for yourself.