Pendants and Necklaces - Miabelle Collection

The Miabelle pendant collection, made from hand painted enamel and crafted in sterling silver, brings you a wide range of necklaces to suit any formal occasion. If you are looking for an elegant necklace to complement your outfit while you spend the day exploring luscious gardens, the emerald green pendant set with white topaz will suit your needs perfectly. The butterfly shaped pendant also gives an air of spring time charm while you enjoy a stylish outdoor formal event. Or perhaps you will fall head over heels for a heart shaped pendant with hand painted enamel in a shade of delicate pink – a perfect gift for indulging yourself or a loved one. To bring deep sophistication to your look, the black and white drop shaped pendants will make you feel like royalty while the pendant perfectly complements your chic attire. Pendants from the Miabelle collection are made to last you a lifetime. Let the Miabelle collection help you to find a necklace that will certainly win a place both in your heart and in your family’s possession for years to come. If you want to stand out in a crowd and ensure that your outfit has the chic and polished frosting that Miabelle pendants can bring, explore the wide range on the website today. You can choose to simply purchase a pendant on its own, or choose a simple yet elegant silver chain to allow your chosen pendant to hang delicately for all to admire. Either way, the Miabelle collection has you covered.