You can complement your beautiful Miabelle ring with a complete Miabelle set. The set consists of bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings that are made from exquisitely crafted enamel, sterling silver and set with white topaz. You can find all the jewellery you need to create a complete ensemble. You can colour coordinate with your outfit for a flawless put-together look. Whether you are after a fun-loving butterfly look in light pastel colours, or a more corporate-chic look in black, white and topaz, the Miabelle collection will ensure that you are always looking your best. If you or a loved one have already adorned your finger with a stunning Miabelle ring, you can find the perfect way to complement your ring with a Miabelle set. You may wish to wear a full set to add a lovely finish to your look on your wedding day, add sophistication to a glamorous night out on the town, stand out at a black-tie event or you may simply wish to add a little frosting to your workday wear. Whatever the occasion may be, the unique Miabelle collection will ensure that you look your absolute best at all times. All of the beautiful sets are hand painted to suit your needs, ranging from a brightly coloured butterfly or floral pattern to a chic and subtle block colour with white topaz glitz sprinkled throughout. The sets are made to last a lifetime and each has a uniquely timeless appearance to ensure that the Miabelle set will become a treasured family heirloom.