Diamond Certificate

Are lab-grown diamonds certified?

All LAVANA lab-grown diamonds over 0.50 carats come with a Diamond Grading Certificate.

A Certificate is important.

  1. You will know exactly what quality of lab-grown diamond you are buying.
  2. It confirms the diamond authenticity.
  3. It helps with an accurate appraisal so you can insure it at the right price.
  4. It helps to identify and prove a diamond is yours in case it is lost or stolen.
  5. It helps if reselling your diamond.

Our Certificates are from independent and internationally recognised grading laboratories, that analyse the diamond’s qualities based on “The 4 C’s” of diamond grading: carat, colour, cut and clarity.

What some jeweller’s may not tell you is that the cut of a diamond is the most important quality of a diamond. This affects the light performance which is what gives a diamond its brilliance. All LAVANA diamonds are Triple Excellent rated.

You will be proud to own a LAVANA diamond with its premium qualities of cut that will be shown on your Certificate:

  • Excellent or Ideal Cut
  • Excellent Polish
  • Excellent Symmetry

With these qualities you will get the best light performance in your LAVANA diamond.

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