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There is something enchanting about wearing a piece of jewellery that has been designed exclusively for you. Demand of custom made jewellery is a rising trend worldwide, due to customers becoming savvier with their purchasing. We have made it simple for you to own a custom made piece of jewellery from Moi Moi. 

Individually crafted to perfection





Contact us to discuss your custom design.

Three ways to achieve a unique design:



Four steps to create your custom made jewellery from scratch:

1.Show us your images. 
Collect images from magazines, or online, of the jewellery you would love to wear. One or several images, bring them in-store or email them to us, we will advise and work together with you to come up with a design that is exclusively for you. 

2.We provide a quote. 
Once your design is narrowed down, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and specifications of your custom jewellery. 

3.We draw up a CAD. 
We use Computer Aided Designs (CAD) technology to create images to show details of your custom jewellery, so you can visualise what the end results will be. 

4.We begin crafting your jewellery. 
Once you have approved the CAD, you can expect 
to receive your exclusive designed jewellery within 4 weeks.


Three steps to create your custom made jewellery based on our own designs:


1.-  Choose your design from our rangeBrowse our entire collection in-store or on our website, and choose which piece or pieces of jewellery you love but want to make some minor changes to. This can include the shape and size of the centre stone, the setting style of the band, the shape of the prongs, the metal choice, and adding or taking away embellishments. 


2.-  We provide a quote. Once your design is decided, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and specifications of your custom jewellery.


3.- We begin crafting your jewellery. You can expect to receive your exclusive designed jewellery within 4 weeks. 

*You can view in-store upon request, our comprehensive portfolio of our custom made jewellery designs – you will be inspired!


Three steps to create your custom made wedding band to suit your engagement ring:


1.- Show us your engagement ring. Bring your engagement ring in-store or email photos to us, and we will work together with you to come up with a design for your wedding band


2.- We provide a quote. Once your design is decided, we will provide you with a detailed quotation and specifications of your custom wedding ring. 


3.- We begin crafting your wedding ring. To ensure a perfect fit wmay require your engagement ring when crafting your wedding band.  Whilst we have your engagement ring, we will clean and polish it to look like new, free of charge. You can expect to receive your custom designed wedding ring within 3-4 weeks.


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You can view in-store upon request, our comprehensive portfolio of our custom made jewellery designs – you will be inspired! 



“Just wanted to let you know that the ring has arrived and I LOVE IT! The changes to the design are perfect and exactly what I had imagined. Please send my regards to your team. It is flawless =) 

Once again thank you for everything and I will definitely send a photo once I have my engagement party. 

Jenny N – VIC

“Thank you very much for the custom designed ring! I absolutely love it and be sure to know that I’ve received HEAPS of compliments and have been passing on the message about Moissanite. 
Thank you very much!”

Justine & Gabriel – WA

“It was so lovely meeting you today. Thank you so much for all your hard work in designing and making my beautiful ring. It's stunning! It’s packed away, ready for our special day! I will send you some photos. Many thanks for your outstanding customer service, you have been an absolute pleasure to liaise with, so efficient and friendly.”

Ayesha & Mark - NSW 

“The ring arrived the following morning - it is just gorgeous, a perfect fit and an awesome design - I've had so many comments about the lovely Moissanite stone and the design in general.
We are both very happy with it and I have certainly recommended Moi Moi to my friends! You ladies have been an absolute pleasure to deal with!
Thank you all so much for providing such a wonderful alternative to the traditional diamond and being so willing and open to changing your designs for customers.
Kind regards and many thanks”

Krysten and Brett – TAS




“I wanted to provide some positive feedback for you to post on your blog (website). I'm extremely happy with how the ring has turned out, it has met every single requirement that was important to me...the design component with all the proportions, angles and level of workmanship came together really well and compliments my centre stone without detracting focus from it. I was even more impressed that your jeweller was able to achieve the design I had envisaged that encompassed a sophisticated and refined finish without compromising the structural integrity. The level of workmanship required is definitely commendable and highly regarded, it is by far one of the best pieces I've seen. I have been receiving very complimentary comments from family, friends and complete strangers. haha... 

The overall customer service was wonderful. Your help and guidance made the design process so much easier. I'm looking forward to working with your team again to have my wedding band custom made, which I'm sure will be another great piece next to my much loved engagement ring. 
Thank you girls and the team at Moi Moi. =) 
Warm regards,"

Doris - WA